Bjorn Helge Riise Leaves, I Think [UPDATE]

According to the Norwegian media, Bjorn Helge Riise is a Lillestrøm SK player. In fact, according to a video interview on their own website, he’s an LSK player.

But, according to Fulham’s own website he still plays for the club. Screenshot below:

Perhaps this is just a technicality and the Fulham PR and web team are posting a release announcing his departure while simultaneously taking down his profile page. But, it also sums up Riise’s time here, doesn’t it?

For the past two seasons, it seems we were only ever reminded Bjorn was on the team when he was loaned out. He would continually make the “Who do you see leaving this transfer window?” post on all the message boards since 2010.

Signed in summer of 2009, there was a collective sigh that he was not the other, better Riise we had hoped to get years earlier. Ironically, this would happen a few weeks later when Hodgson signed David Elm, brother to the better Rasmus Elm.

In his first season with the club, Bjorn made 12 appearances in the league (including 5 starts) and 7 in the Europa League (starting every group stage match). He’ll probably be remembered most for his wonderful work down the right wing in the Group Stage finale against Basel, teeing up Bobby Zamora twice in the first half. He would make a handful of league appearances later in the season thanks to the club focusing solely on the Europa League.

Under Mark Hughes, Bjorn was on the bench for the first nine matches, and made two substitute appearances. He would only make the bench once the rest of the season. In February of that season he was loaned out to Sheffield United in the Championship; only to see the the club be relegated at season’s end.

This past season, the only time Bjorn saw the field for Fulham was in the early Europa League Qualifying rounds that took place over a year ago. In September he was loaned out to Portsmouth, wherein he played a total of 130 minutes in two matches. He returned to Fulham two months later in November. Coincidentally, Portsmouth would be relegated at season’s end.

And so the Bjorn’s story ends. Or has it?

Update 8/3: It’s official.

In addition, the Club can confirm that Bjørn Helge Riise has joined Lillestrøm on a free transfer following the expiration of his contract with Fulham.

Timmy Gelles is a writer for Craven Cottage Newsround. A Fulham fan since 2006 who, unlike Rich, doesn’t hope Hugo gets a haircut. E-mail him or follow him on twitter.

5 thoughts on “Bjorn Helge Riise Leaves, I Think [UPDATE]

      1. BHR no surprise but Dickson?

        Jol is purportedly ‘scouring the market’ for centre mids and yet we let Murph, Gecov & Dickson go

        Its not that I dont trust in Jol but it would be nice to move players on after they become surplus rather than before

        1. PS I have no idea what ‘wordpress’ is &/or why I had to farm around getting myself set up but if you are speculating about a lack of comment then that is possibly a contributing factor

          Is it to keep out the riff raff..?

          1. WordPress is the most popular open source CMS on the web. Usually we get quite a few comments. Bit surprised you’ve never heard of it, but thanks for taking the time to figure it out and comment.

            Yeah, but thankfully it’s August 3, not August 30, so there’s still plenty of time to bring in some new bodies.

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