Dickson’s gone

I wanted to add to Tim’s post on Dickson because he’s been one of my favourite players for a while.

One thing to mention here is Danny Murphy. Murphy’s gone to Blackburn in a position of some influence (we assume), and the first thing he’s done is call on his old hunting partner. Now, if, as many people like to think, Dickson Etuhu is no good at football, who would be best placed to appreciate this? Danny Murphy played next to the man for a good time. If Etuhu was as bad as people liked to make out, if Murphy was ‘carrying’ Etuhu or somehow despaired of his contribution to the football team, well he wouldn’t be dragging him up to Blackburn would he?

This essentially settles the argument for me. Dickson was a very important part of our best ever team, for reasons I’ve argued left right and centre all over the interwebs.

He didn’t do much last year but having him on the end of the “Dickson, what’s the score?’ chants was absolutely priceless, his sly grin and eager show of fingers bringing a smile to everyone’s face (he always makes me laugh in his interviews, too. Seems like a good lad).

So yes, we’ll miss you, Dickson. He and Murphy are going to be pretty impressive next season and will instantly make their team much better.

2 thoughts on “Dickson’s gone

  1. Agree entirely. How anyone could argue that Dickson wasn’t a useful player is beyond me. He was more than useful. For a time, he was an integral part of our team and was still an excellent player to have off the bench.

    Cannot fault him for wanting to leave (I assume he wanted to leave and Jol would rather he stayed as backup), especially as he will be rejoining Murphy. That surely will mean a quick bounce back to the Premiership for Blackburn. Those two should absolutely destroy the majority of Championship sides. They are a great combo — albeit one that will need a bit of energy from one or two wide players or a third midfielder.

  2. I agree to – never understood the naysayers who bemoan him. Great skill and also a top bloke – sat next to him in Jamie’s a few weeks ago in Kingston. Plenty of banter!

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