Some thoughts

Apologies for lack of posting. For one thing there doesn’t seem much concrete to talk about: will they, won’t they, etc… For another our increasingly antiquated work IT setup has made it all but impossible for me to post from there. No, don’t get me wrong, I work hard, honest, just that I used to do a lot of writing first thing in the morning or at lunchtime. Now I can’t. And in the evenings we don’t really get the laptop out because Stanley gets over-excited. So not much writing.

Some things, then:

Steve Sidwell’s gone from number 7, to number 4, now back to number 7. So far so interesting, but the other part of this observation is that I’m more interested than I expected to be in seeing him return. In retrospect he and Murphy didn’t necessarily gel as they might have, but I read back through last year’s match reports and early on there were a couple of very enthusiastic Sidwell comments. Perhaps this is because in a turgid team a flying ginger midfielder will tend to stand out, but the man does have drive, bite, and those kind of things that Fulham can use, particularly if we are going all fancy Dan.

We have lot of good younguns, don’t we? I wonder how many will play this season. The thing is that the more young players play, the more good young players will be inclined to come to Fulham in the future.

I think we’re perhaps making a ballsup with the Schwarzer/Stockdale situation. Good as he is, the laws of nature prohibit Mark Schwarzer from continuing indefinitely, meaning that sooner or later we’re going to need to acquire a goalkeeper. Now, I can’t quite decide whether goalkeepers grow on trees or not, but it does seem a shame to waste David Stockdale, who has never let us down and is current seeing his own personal window of opportunity closing. Had he been playing every week (and I mean every week – goalkeeping is all about consistency) last year there’s a good chance he’d have been Joe Hart’s understudy by now.

I still haven’t seen Mladen Petric play. It’s like being a child again, hearing about these star players and waiting excitedly to see what it’s all about. In this time of everyone knowing everything about everyone, it’s quite fun to be thoroughly in the dark.

Sunderland have paid £14,000,000 for Wolves’ Steven Fletcher!!!!!!!!!


Richard Allen founded this site in 2006. Here we go again, eh?

5 thoughts on “Some thoughts

  1. The will they/won’t they thing is tedious.

    We’re all concerned, anxious and full of opinions but none of us actually have a clue what’s going on or likely to happen.

    I reckon Jol knows what he’s doing and the emerging talent is exciting but I’d be happier if a couple of experienced old lags signed on. The likes of Reo Coker and Saha.

  2. My impression is that players’ wage demands are even more scary than the transfer fees. Fulham appear to be trying to keep a lid on this, to the extent that they have lost out on the likes of Pogrebnyak, Reo-Coker and who knows who else.

    Maybe Douglas McNeill, who gave us an excellent post on Fulham’s finances in July can throw more light on this. How does our £40 million wage bill compare with other Premier League clubs?

    Perhaps the club is hoping that some sort of legislation from UEFA (I can’t see the Premier League doing this) will level the playing field. There is an obvious argument to be made for more of football’s millions to go to the sport generally, rather than into the pockets of its richest players. In the meantime Jol is having to make do on pretty tight rations.

  3. Sidwell is a useful back up. With Diarra at the club he’s no longer a first choice. As for the Schwarzer scenario, we should always pick the best players. Until he’s ready to retire or isn’t good enough he should be our number 1.
    It’s looking more and more likely Dempsey will leave and we will have to spend big money on replacing him. If we don’t replace him one has to wonder quite how many goals we’ll score. The lad Michu who’s gone to Swansea got 15 goals in La Liga last season and cost a measly £2 million. Whilst Kone scored 17 and has gone to Wigan for about £3 million.
    Why we didn’t pursue those players is beyond me.

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