Fulham 5-0 Norwich City

Mankind’s advances are wonderous indeed, but we don’t know everything yet. How, for example, to explain a day where Fulham beat Norwich 5-0, comedy rivals QPR lose 5-0, at home, after a huge spending spree, and Liverpool, the glamourous (if overly made-up) secretary in the Clint Dempsey Love Triangle, get humped to the tune of 3-0 at West Bromwich Albion, the team that Roy Hodgson made. Fantastic, eh?

Today’s slaughter was of the highest order. Norwich were absolutely obliterated, Fulham’s players on a thoroughly different level and largely in cruise control throughout.  Everywhere you looked somebody was dominating their area of the pitch, Mahmadou Diarra being the sun around which all these stars flew. No wonder Jol felt able to let Danny Murphy go! Diarra really does do it all, and with Dembele you have a superstar engine-room that few teams will be able to match.  They were awe-inspiring.

John-arne Riise set us off by pinging a giant throughball over the top to Damian Duff, who scored well. we’d deserved that, having given Norwich the run-around, Ruiz wizarding about promisingly, Kacaniklic and Riise combining well and aggressively down the left.

We got another from a corner. Mladen Petric nearly scored with a smart control/volley combo, but got what he deserved here. Replays will be needed to establish exactly what occurred, but it seemed to involve a big Hangeland header and a scramble.

Then a third, Petric walloping home from distance via a deflection, and a fourth, Petric feeding Kacaniklic for his first Fulham league goal, again a neat finish, but fabulous creation.

Hugo Rodellega, on as a sparky sub, was tripped for a penalty, which Steve Sidwell ramrodded home into the top corner with some belief. A 5-0 scoreline by no means flattered the men in white (and black!) and at this point six might have been very achievable but everyone looked a little tired from their exertions in what had been presumably the hottest day of the year so far, or ever perhaps.

You don’t get games like this all that often, so we must savour the memories while they’re still fresh. The performance was thrillingly good, enough to make me spontaneously cheer a propos of nothing at one point. I was just really happy at what I was seeing. Fulham were amazing.

8 thoughts on “Fulham 5-0 Norwich City

  1. Agreed, though I wouldn’t go anticipating the rest of the season based on this game. Norwich rarely pressed us and we had a lot of time on the ball. We won’t have that against Man U. Still, great display today!

  2. From Sidwell a lesson in how to take a penalty with none of the run up trickery that so often leaves players having to wipe the egg off their faces and to me seems like kinda cheating. Everyone put in a great stint today but Ruiz, Diarra, Petric, Alex and Sidwell made me smile most.

    1. West Brom missed a penalty (the first of their two today) when their taker did that stupid run-up garbage and then hit a dribbler almost right at Reina.

      1. think he was doing that thing where they see which way the keeper goes then put it the other side. looks a bit silly if the keeper doesnt commit early.

        1. Youtube a player named Yasuhito Endo, he has this technique perfected and has done it his whole career. A short 3-4 step walk up to the ball and softly places it the opposite side of the GK, many times he never looks down at the ball just keeps his eyes on the keeper. In Japan its called a Koro Koro pk.

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