Quick post: stat attack

Can I have our ball back? Fulham’s midfield were pretty stingey with the ball. Damien Duff completed 94% of his 18 passes, Diarra 94% of his 90 (Murphy-equque), Dembele 96% of his 73, and Kacaniklic 96% of his 27. Ruiz, the link man, was at 91% of his 54.

The right stuff: Ruiz made 3 key passes, as did Riise. Duff made two.

Whoosh! Diarra played 10 long balls and found his man with, er, all of them.

Reading: Aaron Hughes made 11 clearances

Harrassment: Norwich had 9 shots, but only 2 were on target. That happens when you don’t get time and space.


2 thoughts on “Quick post: stat attack

  1. Does give hope we may, at minimum, retain the ball for stretches next Saturday. Would be fun to have United also chasing shadows from time to time.

    1. I’m getting a feeling about next week.As suggested I expect to retain possession more comfortably than usual,and after that you never know..

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