Mousa Dembele is good tells us that Mousa Dembele had a game for the ages against United.  Thus:

  • 53 passes, 96% accuracy
  • 9 completed dribbles (he beat someone)
  • 8 tackles
  • 3 key passes


Also, he’s just a pleasure to watch.

I’d bet money that Sir Alex will buy him this week.

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7 thoughts on “Mousa Dembele is good

  1. The silver lining to this is Jol has shown himself to be excellent at identifying talent and managing his resources. I really hope Dembele (and Dempsey) stay with Fulham, but, if they leave, I trust Jol will shrewdly re-invest the money into the club.

  2. There is an argument to say that at this point it is not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ so we need to plan accordingly

    In that respect I’d be a lot happier for Sir Alex to get his chequebook out early than play games with Levy to the 11th hour and leave us even more in the lurch

  3. I think with Dembele in our side we could really challenge for something this year. A cup maybe or a top 6 finish? If he moves on we’ll still be alright but it will definitely feel like we’ve taken a couple of steps backwards again.

    I don’t think he’s made any secret of the fact he sees us a stepping stone and I won’t be surprised if he goes but I do hope he stays at least one more year and helps us achieve something special.

  4. A couple extra thoughts of a completely subjective, nonsensical sort. There is a popular narrative that Dembele knew this was his chance to impress SAF, and played his way onto the team. I choose to subscribe to an alternate interpretation: that Dembele already knew he was going to leave.

    I don’t think anybody at MUFC suddenly looked at Dembele on Saturday and realized he would be a good fit for them. The holes in their midfield have been apparent on paper all summer, and were brutally exposed by Everton in week 1. And now Tottenham, having finally, FINALLY managed to move Modric, is flush with cash and looking for a replacement.

    As soon as people started whispering about a sub-20m release clause, I think the writing was probably on the wall, and I think Dembele knew this. So I prefer to think that he knew his performance Saturday would be his last for Fulham, and he wanted to give the fans one final happy memory as a farewell.

    Hopefully I’m wrong about the situation (in addition to endorsing the obvious fallacy that Dembele could simply “have a good game” whenever he wanted), but at least, it would be a classy way to go.

  5. I’m assuming he’s gone, so let’s remember – he uses his shin to shoot, he has no end product, he’s a luxury player, he always gets injured by a Stoke thug and misses the next 3 months of the season.

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