Moussa Dembele is good, with visuals

Apologies if this is redundant, but I wanted to share some visuals to back up Rich’s previous post.

Dembele’s dashboard is below:

For those wondering, the ‘X’ is a tackle, the hexagons are take-ons. Orange is successful, purple is unsuccessful. And as we can see, he had many successful tackles and take-ons all over the pitch; all while posting a 96% passing completion rate. Simply stunning.

What made Dembele’s play yesterday even more outstanding isn’t really captured in stats or visuals. When United pressed and scored three times (one didn’t count mind you) in a matter of 15 or so minutes, Dembele was a non-factor in our play. There were several points where I was left wondering if he was even on the field as United pinged the ball left and right.Yet, when normal service resumed a little bit into the second half, our play increased mightily. And he was the catalyst behind it.

Below is Dembele’s chart against Norwich City. I leave this here because although quite impressive, it’s probably not as good as yesterday. And how often can we say a player did better away to United than at home to Norwich?

Just for good measure, here’s the overall passing charts. Although United completed about as many passes as we attempted last week, we still maintained a very decent defensive shape. And still had an 89%(!!!) passing completion rate.

Now watch him get sold to QPR and we’ll get tonked by West Ham. Ugh.

Timmy Gelles is a writer for Craven Cottage Newsround. A Fulham fan since 2006, he is not prepared for West Ham to continue their hoodoo over his team, nor lose Dembele. E-mail him or follow him on twitter.

6 thoughts on “Moussa Dembele is good, with visuals

  1. Hey now, let’s hide these charts until after Friday! We don’t want Fergie snooping around here.

    Indeed though, he was spectacular. A lot of the guys I play with on Sunday morning (none Fulham supporters) were raving about him–“Where’d he come from??”

  2. I cringed multiple times during the game as the TV commentators for the US broadcast suggested how United or some other big team ought to seriously consider buying Dembélé on the basis of his outstanding play. I wanted to slap them around with a trout and tell the to STFU in case someone would notice. Obviously everyone has already noticed, and he’s probably on his way out, but it felt as though someone was ogling my wife or little sister…or something.

    1. Its worse here stateside where, during any soccer broadcast (be it USMNT, MLS, friendlies between two non-Fulham EPL clubs), “Dempsey to ‘X'” is discussed at least 15 times.

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