Commerce: have you got your Fulham Review?

While millions of people the world over are buying things like Fifty Shades of Grey and Coldplay albums just because other people are buying them, the same sort of momentum rarely attaches itself to those of us at the humbler end of the spectrum. But The Fulham Review is just as special in its own way, and contains some wonderful things by some fine writers, so please do have a look if you’re in any way tempted.  I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Special offer for the next week, too – backissues for a pound if you get this year’s book. We have 06/07 (Coleman/Sanchez), 08/09 (Roy’s first season, 7th) and last year’s (Hughes, but perhaps the best all around of all the books).  If you want to do this just send Paypal to richallen7 at yahoo dot com for the necessary amount (email me to clarify if you like, but it’s £5 for this year’s book, £1 for each backissue, and say, £3 for postage). to order!



One thought on “Commerce: have you got your Fulham Review?

  1. Mine arrived just as D & D walked out the door. As a result, I’m only up to October whereas I used to read it in one shot. You guys on the scene will know for sure, but over here I’m getting an end-of-a-(in our minds) glorious-era vibe. As a grown-up, it makes me feel silly to say that this makes me sad—but there you have it. I’m sure I’ll finish it by Christmas………….

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