Where will the goals come from?

Sunday’s match at Wigan will be the first since March, 2007 that Clint Dempsey will not feature for Fulham against that club.

That’s not notable in and of itself, but consider that in 10 games he scored 6 goals and that tally accounts for 42% of our 14 goals against them. Which is nearly half. (Go here for a full account of his feats.)

Sure, we have the Berba. Plus Ruiz and Petric should be coming back.

But it’s instances like this where the reality sets in. I sure don’t hope we miss our talisman.


As the prior two posts have mentioned, Sascha Riether had a great game on Saturday. Of the top six pass combinations, 5 include Riether either receiving or passing the ball. His dashboard is below.

7 thoughts on “Where will the goals come from?

  1. If I were to make an ordered list of reasons why I was disappointed to see the club sell Dempsey, “not sure how we’re going to score against Wigan” would not be particularly high on the list.

    1. No, but more the point of relying on someone for so long in these type of easily glossed-over matches. The same that really determine if we finish 9th or 15th. Now is when the reality of his departure will set in.

  2. It’s been a lesson in these things watching Arsenal score post-RVP. Yeah, it’s early, but the panic there, as is often the case w/ these things, seems unjustified right now. I’ve been thinking the same may be true here. Watching Kaca link up with Berba last week had me thinking, “That’s where more than a few will come from.”

  3. 10 goals in 4 games with no Dempsey. At this rate it would be nearly a 100 goal season. Clint’s normal tally is closer to a dozen. I’m optimistic about our goal chances. Wigan does feel like the best indicator for the season though.

  4. I don’t think goals “belong” to the particular goal scorer.

    Last season Dempsey was the leading goalscorer often rescuing a tough situation.

    Being without him is a loss but we now seem to be playing a more attacking system and in Berbatov and Petric have outstanding goalscorers. Rodallega as back up and significantly better wing play which we lacked last season partly through the need to find a place for Dempsey.

    I think we now have a team with significantly more goal strength than last season and I’d bet anyone a tidy sum that we’ll score more league goals this season than last.

  5. I had a very similar reaction to this post. Where the goals will come from I am not worried about whatsoever. We will create more chances and score more goals this year. While Dempsey may be the most important player in America, he was a long way down the list for Fulham by the time he was sold, and indeed had always limited our ability to create on the left. By the time he was sold, not only had his goals been replaced and shifted to players in the centre of the pitch, but we had significant creative options on the left, which makes his sale a net positive for us irrespective of the value we received in the trade.

  6. I think we’re going to go too far the other way and maybe play a bit too open. As noted several times here, one player doesn’t matter in an established team so we can lose Dempsey happily enough. Think Tim’s point was light-hearted enough though, Clint really did own Wigan.

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