Chop’s Monday Monologue

My original intention with these Monday posts had been to provide an alternative view of the weekend’s action. That’s quite a tricky thing to do when you’ve written the match report yourself so Today’s post may be a little aimless* (* which isn’t to say they weren’t fairly aimless in the first place).

After Friday’s announcement from Richard I feel I ought to say a few words to thank him for all he achieved with Craven Cottage Newsround & The Fulham Review. We both started blogging about Fulham within a week of each other some 6 years ago. Back then I didn’t really have a clue what blogging was all about but after some false starts it was Richard who encouraged me to keep it going.

CCN was always a little different to the other sources of Fulham discussion and that was entirely down to Richard’s style of writing and his desire to really understand what made football tick. I’ve wondered over the weekend if people will really still want to read CCN without him. A bit like the Velvet Underground when Doug Yule took charge after John Cale, Lou Reed & Sterling Morrison had all left. Time will tell but for now we’re going to give it a go and I’m sure we’ve not heard the last of Richard’s writing in some form or other.

Saturday really didn’t go to plan for me. As mentioned in my match report, I was late arriving which meant not only did I miss our goal but I also failed to be there in time to sell some Fulham reviews. There were some positives though.

1. We held the Premier League champions for over 80 minutes and it took the arrival of several millions of pounds worth of talent from the bench to finally break us down.

2. Petric takes almost as good a penalty as Danny Murphy.

3. Reither is looking like he could be our best right back since Steve Finnan, even though I’m struggling to cope with two full backs in the team with only minor differences in pronounciation. I lost count of the number of times I mistakenly shouted well done Riise when I meant Reither. He’s gonna need a nickname.

4. Schwarzer is still a world class keeper.

5. We don’t play in burgandy.

4 thoughts on “Chop’s Monday Monologue

  1. I agree CCN without Rich might go the Velvet Underground route, but it also could go the AC/DC route post Bon Scott – arguably better. It is up to you guys. I think as long as the righting is good and it is not just another ‘I am repeating what the newspapers report’ and actually has thought provoking articles then it will always be worth checking out.

    Why does Petric not take more free kicks? Has he taken any yet? I thought that is WHY we bought him! (I was sitting right behind the goal for the one he kicked for Hamburg.) How many times do we have to watch Riise kick the ball hard into a wall?

    I still think that against the big boys we need the creativity in the middle of a Diara/Dembele/Murphy. Sidwell and Baird are good solid players – but I am not sure we can really have both of them driving Fulham from the middle and finish top 1/2 of the table.

  2. “2. Petric takes almost as good a penalty as Danny Murphy.”

    It’s interesting that you say that; after watching the replay, I found myself thinking that it would have been saved if Hart had guessed the right way.

    1. I think he gave hart ‘the eyes’ and sent him the wrong way. I say this because he changed the shape of his body at the last minute, sending the ball to the right when he had been shaping to hammer one left.

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