Cough. Erm. Hello!

In a u-turn that wouldn’t look out of place on the Dukes of Hazzard, I’ve unretired after a rather pathetic four days.

I realised that writing, and writing about football, is all about ups and downs. Sometimes you feel you have nothing to say; sometimes you feel that you need to get something off your chest really very urgently.

The main thing – and the reason that this site has been running for six years now – is that I’ve run out the downs and the ups, and piddled along as best I can during the in-betweens. I’m busy at work, I haven’t got time to write at home, but I’ll try to find a way to contribute here and there.

I realised that if I don’t, the Fulham Review will cease to be, and I love doing the Fulham Review. I love the back and forth on here, too, and when it came down to it, it took the final step of walking away to realise that I didn’t want to walk away.

So there we go. As you were!

27 thoughts on “Cough. Erm. Hello!

  1. Rich I appreciate all the effort you put in. CCN is the first spot I go, for a real fan’s perspective about FFC. Typically most FFC articles are so boring and bland. Your writing is much more creative and thoughtful. I know it’s tough to keep cranking out content, but I just want to let you know, we do appreciate all the effort.

  2. You were not enjoying writing on the site when you thought you HAD to write? Now you know that you can walk away and the site will be ok. Now you can write because you want to, not because you have to.

    You have turned exactly the same thing (writing) from a burdon to pleasure again. Nothing pathetic about it!

  3. Great news!! So happy to hear that!
    In fact the best way to know how things are going on FFC is CCN.
    So happy to met you last saturday, but promess me that the next time we’re goin to win:)

  4. Thank god for that… least I tend to see the match in the same way that you do, whereas most of the posters on FOF for example, tend to be watching a match on a different planet. When I don’t go to a game I rely on your common sense and footballing knowledge to give me a proper account of what I’ve missed.
    Simply the best Rich !

  5. Great news, Rich.

    Your header and opening sentence illustrate perfectly why your stuff is so readable. Write when you want to rather than because you feel you have to. I’m sure it will still be well received.

  6. Good on you Rich.
    I wish i had the writing skills you have – pleased you will continue to share this with all of us.
    The way the FOF forum has descended since the Offal shut down makes this place a haven of sanity and considered opinion.

  7. Agree with all of the above. I’m going to make the bold statement that CCN is the best Fulham site on the ‘net. Very glad to have it’s founding father back. Cheers Rich!

    1. No – one of the best football sites around. I followed Fulham for a short period only, and now follow another team (the reasons are complicated), but I still look at this site regularly because of the quality of writing. I actually think that Rich’s writing talents should be looked at by one of the broadsheet newspapers. (I don’t have any contacts there, unfortunately).

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