Just wanted to give a heads up about a new football prediction site called

They were kind enough to give me behind the scenes access to their predictions and from there I made a couple of bets last weekend.

They did quite well. They had Fulham Reading to end 2-2 and that sounded about right so I put a few pounds on this. As of the 84th minute everything looked terrific, but of course we scored then they scored and so it didn’t happen (I’d gone for 0-0 v Villa the week before so late goals are really getting me at the moment!).

My other bet was on Everton v Liverpool. Betegy had a 2-1 Everton win and again I quite liked this. In the end the game finished 2-2 so that missed as well, but not by much.

This weekend they have Fulham v Everton to finish 1-1 so I might give that a go as well.

With all these things there’s a degree of risk – football predictions are a tricky beast at the best of times – but the results look broadly correct. They also do predictions for European leagues. Have a look.

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