64 thoughts on “The end of CCN

  1. No ! ……everything’s going pear shaped ! Thanks for your thoughts. Loved every considered word. Fulham fans will miss you……so much.

  2. Rich, as I said you before man city match, what a pity you left the bussiness…. best Fulham reviews anywhere.

    Best regards!


  3. That is so sad – not a contributor but a reader and this side of Fulham entertainment / distraction will be sorely missed. Good luck Rich, here’s looking at you kid…

  4. Cheers for letting me know Rich!

    Seriously though, It will be a massive shame if this is the end.

    Where will I get my rational analysis of games post-match? I can’t deal with FOF or Tiff alone!

  5. Best of luck in the future!

    You helped convert this ignorant to FFC support with your wonderful writing. The club owes you a percentage of the shirt sales they’ve got from me :)

  6. Good luck and very sad to see you guys go. You always did a great job, putting up some great articles and reviews. Things were always in perspective and well thought out. Its going to be a big miss to my weekly life not having such considered thoughts on the Fulham but thank you for letting me know what it can be like to read about football and our mighty club. Thank you one last time

  7. Like i said on your previous retirement: total class, just like your subject. Nothing can bring on a big moody like Duke Mantee, so I’ll pull out my hidden bottle of JD & toast you both. As before, cheers………….

  8. Oh. Again? Well, so long and thanks for all the intelligent analysis (and there was a lot of it). My Fulhamish life won’t be the same. (There’s now no point thinking: “I wonder what Rich is going to say about THAT?”) Like most good things in the blogosphere, it was free for us, but time-consuming for you. Lovely while it lasted. All the best and thanks again. . .

  9. Thanks Rich.

    Supporting Fulham won’t quite be the same without your thoughts and writing to help analyse and think about the match afterwards. It has been appreciated.

  10. Rich, you’ve made me think about the game in ways that have made each match more intense (both in pleasure and pain) to watch. I’m sorely going to miss your crisp writing and poignant views. Thanks for helping me become a better fan, and all the best to you and your family in the future!

  11. Thanks Rich for your lovely writing, it has been central to both my formation as a fan of Fulham and a fan of football. There is a real void without someone as thoughtful and reasonable as you to mediate the goings on at Craven Cottage for all the overseas fans like myself. You clearly put so much of yourself into the site. Well done.

  12. Thanks for everything Rich. CCN was always my first stop after matches to read a report, even if I’d just been to the game myself. Really appreciate the time commitment you put into the site and all the great stuff you’ve put up over the years. Will also very much miss the Fulham Review too. I’ve been following since the 06-07 season, when I really started going to Fulham on a regular basis, and the team (and this site) saw me through my university years. Best wishes.

  13. Thanks so much for your unrivalled insight into Fulham. thanks to you i have been able to understand the matches much better and understand this Fulham team pretty well. CCN will be sorely missed

  14. It’s like Bilbo Baggins saying good bye at his birthday party in The Lord of the Rings. So sudden. All the best and thanks for a website that I visited many times a day hoping for a update or some insightful knowledge being imparted.
    Kevin in Sydney

  15. Wot ‘e sed ^^^. Thanks for everything Rich. Almost feel like I know you, even though we’ve never met. Maybe we will some day. Stay well. Best wishes for the future for you and your family.

  16. You know, we wouldn’t mind at all if you did another “Just kidding, I love writing about football” post, The second coming was inspired. In case you don’t reconsider and it’s for real REAL this time, same goes as last time–this will all be sorely missed. I only arrived here a few years ago and was wondering why I didn’t arrive earlier. You provided excellent and thoughtful analysis and I appreciated your tendency toward levelheadedness in the middle of sometimes panicky moments. Thanks, best, and COYW.

  17. How dare you leave me?! This will not go unpunished! On a less threatening note I will miss this blog quite a bit and I wish you all the best. I do expect semi frequent blog posts on Facebook from now on though.

    Cheers mate, have a great X-Mas

    1. Me too. Was thinking about putting up a review in these comments myself to see if we can keep it alive. Only place for consistently good discussion about Fulham if you ask me.

      1. I’m up for it, if you are. This place made me want to write serious things about football matches, which was a new sensation; I’m not sure if dumping my own thoughts here is respect or desecration, but that’s never stopped me before.

        1. Really important win last night, Berbatov and Rodallega can work with Berbatov’s sublime skill providing for Rodallega’s pace, however obviously Ruiz and Berbatov is much better 2 absolute football geniuses on a special wavelength. Also thought Sidwell was at his battling best, Hangeland shored up our defense and I thought that Riether had a good game as well. Only slight worry is Schwarzer’s distribution but then again if we bring in Karagounis he may be able to circulate the ball better in a Murphy esque role.

  18. Thank you, Rich. Always enjoyed reading your posts and I will miss them. Why not write for The Blizzard in the future? The internet makes the world a small place. Your football writing reached me here in Germany – and I liked it!

  19. It is indeed at such times that you realise what the absence of an insightful forum such as this one is going to mean. There are very few places you’d go for anything other than a basic match report, but this was always one of them. Maybe I need to stock up on the season reviews as a way of compensating for this loss.

  20. I am really going to miss CCN. I suppose I took it for granted that I’d always have this site to provide me insight and analysis into Fulham and football in general. Alas, I realize the difficulty of keeping up a blog, especially when the demands of work and family increase. So, thanks a million Rich. This is my favorite football site, as evidenced by the fact that hitting “c” in my Chrome address bar brings up CCN immediately. I’ll miss your brilliant writing. Fingers crossed for a CCN comeback sometime in the future. Until then, all the best.

  21. After this weekend’s terrible loss, I came here hoping for… well, hope. No such luck. Perhaps we can all start our own blog, something along the lines of the “The Order of Rich” or some such nonsense, where we can keep writing and thinking about the Manchester United of the south?

  22. I type “c” into google and craven cottage newsround is the very first hit. Rich, Thanks so much for your rational and calm writing for the last few years. Say it ain’t so.

  23. Totally gutted this is gone! When we won, I could look forward to reliving the match a couple hours later on here. If our result was dissapointing, Rich would surely put things in perspective.

    As our team is given so little media attention by premier league standards, this was really the only place to read about how we did in a game.

    Although I have never met the man, I predict that he will return. He might leave for a month, perhaps 6 even 18, but eventually he will return. He is too good a writer, and has too much to say to simply give up for good.

  24. Gutted by another loss… little to no movement with or without the ball, poor defending, and some really poor midfield play. I fear at this point our hope of qualifying for Europa has slipped away.

    1. I think I’ll seriously start that Order of Rich blog this holiday.

      On a tangential note, Fulham are playing without an American citizen for the first time in a while. When was the last time Fulham was American-less (I’m too depressed to Google it) and which American player would you bring in if you could?

      For me… Michael Badley.

      1. Bradley, definitely. But #2 might Geoff Cameron, who is having a pretty great season at Stoke and fills a role where we’re having a lot of problems. (After that, I dunno, Graham Zusi?)

        The squad is clearly as deeply in a funk about Rich’s retirement as the rest of us.

      2. This is the first time since the 1999-2000 season that Fulham have been without Yanks in their ranks. I normally don’t go for statistics they rely on correlation or superstition, but consider that we’re arguably on the worst run since the Great Escape and this is our first year ever without an American player in the Premier League (and no, Brede doesn’t count).

        1. Yes, it’s kind of uncomfortable for me, as well. Bradley is at AS Roma, and is becoming, slowly, an integral part of their squad. I’d love to see him at Craven Cottage, he’d inject some much-needed grit, as Dempsey did.

          I’ll have to give some thought as to who else might be a worthy American for FFC. Some of our best play in Germany, but are in their sides…..Fabian Johnson, Jermain Jones.

          I’m in a funk about Rich’s retirement, too.

  25. It’s going to take me a while to figure out how to do this… with multiple authors and such. I imagine it being a digest of opinion, statistics, analysis, reflection, and personal stuff. If you want to contribute, let me know on this thread!

  26. Well, I guess this is a problem. I’m at fault for not looking for CCN over quite a few months. I’m just seeing this, today. The fairly optimistic Fulham Football Club group on FB has gotten a little less so, and populated with an idiot or two. Secondly it’s not in my own best interest to be on FB at work, so yes, I’ll look for you there, Rich. But this site was the absolute best; objective, VERY well-considered and researched. What a huge loss this is for me (he says rather selfishly) and for all of Fulhamdom.

  27. Brian Mcbride retired . . . Clint Dempsey left . . . lost interest . . . will be back when the Americans return . . .

  28. Still visit this site every month or 2 hoping that its back, alas… will always have a place as one of my bookmarks hoping for the resurection! Much love from South Africa

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