Welcome, Shahid Khan


With all these things you just have to wait and see, right?

Change, particularly BIG change, is always tricky.

So we’ll just have to wait and see.

Sad to see Mo go though.

His scarf-whirling wanders across the Craven Cottage pitch were a thing of great fun. “Ah, the Chairman’s here,” I’d think.  He’d stroll across, chaperoned by Alastair Mackintosh, sometimes straight across, sometimes via the warming-up players.  He could do what he wanted, obviously.  It was his club.  And didn’t he do a lot with it?  Phew.  It’s like, he did so much for Fulham FC that it pretty much goes without saying.  It was his club.

Not anymore. I hope his family are still involved in some capacity.

Anyway, welcome to Mr Khan.

2 thoughts on “Welcome, Shahid Khan

  1. I’m pleased you mention his family — and agree in general. He played a blinder as Chairman, a single year apart, exceeding the wildest dreams of old-timers and confounding sceptics, of whom yours truly was one of many.

    I share your applause also for the way he went about it — quietly in the background mostly, letting managers manage, yet as a visible warm presence on matchdays. He and his boys. Let’s indeed hope we’ve not seen the last of them.

    The new chap looks promising and impressive. He has a hard act to follow, but the time is right.

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