Darren Bent


If there’s a more consistent goalscorer than Darren Bent available to us then I’ll eat one of my hats.

There seems to have been a bit of a knock on Bent’s attitude lately but this doesn’t go with what I think I know about him. He came up through the same Ipswich golden generation as the likes of Kieron Dyer, Titus Bramble and Darren Ambrose, but by all accounts was a good character who worked hard for his team and for his career. I used to follow Ipswich quite closely and sensed that Bent was perhaps quite a streaky player, that he could go on long runs out of form but then go on goal bonanzas.

There’s no doubt that he’s nearer the ‘old school’ of forward, a la Michael Owen and Fernando Torres, than the new one, a la Christian Benteke, and that’s a strike against him. But goals are goals, and Bent has always scored lots of them. His two off years came at Spurs in 2007-08, when he was odd man out in a forward line that was mainly led by Dimitar Berbatov and Robbie Keane, and last year at Villa where Benteke was a one-man wrecking crew.

It’s all too easy to label players as having a bad attitude but I don’t think there’s really any evidence of this around Bent. He feels like a perfect Roy Hodgson ‘buy quality at a low price’ signing. Whether the current setup is geared towards rehabilitating such talents is questionable – I don’t think it is really – but that’s not Bent’s fault. He’ll be a great signing for someone.


9 thoughts on “Darren Bent

  1. Good article. I am a Villa fan and honestly think all this about Bent having a bad attitude is hard to understand. He came to Villa with Young and Downing and scored a stack of goals. We sold the wingers, plonked him up front on his own with McLeish negative tactics and he still scored before a bad injury. Benteke arrives and he is benched and I don’t recall any aggro from him in press. Bottom line is if you give him service and play him every week he will score you 15-20 goals. £5m transfer fee is a snip (although wages could be stumbling block).

    Good luck for next season.

  2. There were rumours of Bent messing about with other players wives which seemed to have created the problems at Villa, doesnt do much for dressing room moral.

  3. I think you’re right that Bent would be a good fit under a Roy FFC but not so much under a Jol FFC. Can’t see him working with Berba and Ruiz guaranteed the two fwd positions. Plus 80k wages aren’t really our thing…

  4. Current buzz on the interwebs is that FFC have abandoned pursuing Bent in favor of taking Osvaldo from Roma.

  5. If Osvaldo plays to his potential he could be a better bet than Bent, and £80,000 a week is a hell of a lot for a thirty-something with a slightly iffy recent record.

    I am still not clear what Jol’s ideal combination will be. He talks of Ruiz as a No 10, but with another striker (perhaps Osvaldo) Berbatov will surely take that role. Ruiz then has to play in a wider position. As for the other wide/attacking midfielders what is the batting order from Duff, Kacaniklic, Dejagah, Frei, Richardson or the youngsters of whom I assume Mesca leads the pack?

    If we sign Gargano he presumably plays alongside Boateng in central midfield.

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