Opening day lineup values

Opening day


This probably doesn’t mean anything, and who knows how we’ll line up next Saturday, but here’s how value our starting XI from each of the last four seasons.   Of course transfer value, especially estimated transfer value, doesn’t mean that much, but this does rather show how lacking we might be at the moment.  A healthy squad would have more young, good players: these are the players who cost money.  Presently only Ruiz merits a decent amount here.  Whatever you think of him, that feels about right; who else might someone buy off us for big money? (Kacaniklic is the answer but he is injured, although he is only valued at £3.1m at the moment owing to an absence of extended contribution).

5 thoughts on “Opening day lineup values

  1. A similar story emerges if you look at those line-ups and ask how many proved of marginal prem quality that season and how many turned out better than that. In the first two seasons at least 7 were in the latter category. The quota then reduces and I currently fear it’s reduced further.

  2. Hmm. Swap Amorbeiata for Hughes and Taarabt for Duff and you have about 48.5 million, the second highest on the list. When I look at that first team I see, on paper, a team with the potential to be better than any before. A center back and midfielder with experience playing in the silky-skilled Spanish league. A World Cup finalist goalie reputed to be a distribution expert. The 7th most creative player in England last year joining an attacking cast consisting of another creative wizard, a 15 goal striker who also creates and a winger who was causing havoc towards the end of the season. These guys are supported by a right back who was one of the best full backs in the league last year, a left back who was thought to be very good there for his last club and has been capped by England, and a bustling central midfielder who may have just entered a new phase when given the opportunity last year. On the bench there are an England called up goalie, a stalwart center back, a European Cup winning midfielder, a young winger with an eye for goal, an old winger with a lot of nous, and a striker who was once much coveted and was the star for a team with a reputation for good football.

    1. Great analysis by rjbiii – and a much more positive outlook on our current squad. If FFC is able to bring in 2-3 class players, we can break again into the top half of the table this year.

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