Scott Parker!


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West Ham’s Carlton Cole praised captain Scott Parker for his “inspirational” half-time pep talk as the Hammers came from 3-0 down to draw with West Brom.

Cole, who suffered a mouth injury as he scored the second of West Ham’s three goals, said Parker’s passion spurred them on to fight back.

“We were diabolical but at half-time Scott was inspirational,” said Cole.

“Scott was in the zone – I’ve never seen him like that. If you were there you would have had a tear in your eye.”
Cole’s goal added to Demba Ba’s double as West Ham clawed their way back from 3-0 down at half-time to claim a valuable point in their quest for Premier League survival.

But, according to Cole, West Ham are indebted to their captain for his rousing locker-room monologue.

“Scott Parker showed a lot of passion in the changing room and it spurred us on,” said Cole. “We did not want to disappoint ourselves, the manager, our families and the fans.

“I know you could say that if you are a professional footballer then you should have that in you anyway, but sometimes you need your captain to step up like that.”

12 thoughts on “Scott Parker!

  1. Fantastic news. With the addition of Parker and Bent we should really move forward this season. I still wait with interest to see how Berbatov, Ruiz and Taarabt will be fitted together as part of this master plan, but there could be exciting times ahead.

    1. Hopefully boateng. He didn’t inspire a whole lot of confidence for me last weekend. Maybe he was just over excited, but I was holding my breath everytime he launched into a tackle.

      1. Boateng impressed me on Saturday.

        I had a great view from the half way line and could see the defensive shift he put in. The supporters high behind the goal we were, in theory, attacking would have missed much of this.

        Sunderland went at us with pace and determination and Boateng just got in the way. There were fouls of course and he had to be booked and later subbed but he gave us a good hour.

        It was like the Hodgson days with Sunderland being prevented from troubling the back four who consequently kept their shape and discipline.

        It would have been a very different game without him.

          1. Good stuff – this is also very difficult to appreciate just watching on TV.

            Scotty and Boateng will pair up very well, will give us sturdiness and shield the defense when playing against the very top teams. When playing against the rest of the teams Scotty might be more free to go up to play closer to our forwards.

            1. Not sure you want him doing that really – his strengths are as a defensive midfielder and with the rest of the attacking players we have I think that’s what he’ll do.

  2. You won’t make a better signing this decade. I was a doubter and thought he was vastly over-rated. I’ve never been so wrong. He almost single handedly kept us up one year and sweated blood in a failed to do the same the following year. You might as well engrave his name on the Player Of The Year trophy today because he will win it.

  3. Parker should be the missing piece of the jigsaw provided his fitness, appetite and attitude are right. Jol of course has judged that they are or he wouldn’t have been signed.

    He will give us leadership, ball possession and distribution. The defence will be protected and the ball fed to the players who can use it.

    IMO the best signing we could have made.

  4. Interesting to hear from Tony re. Boateng. I was also quite impressed with his two first half performances in the friendlies, but in both cases he then ran out of steam. He brings physical bulk and height to the party in a way Parker doesn’t, but the latter clearly has more prem-level knowhow. Do you play them both? If so are they equally defensive, or what?

  5. More good news: Mahamadou Diarra is training with the club and if the next month goes according to plan is likely to be offered a new contract. A fit Diarra alongside Parker in central midfield is quite a prospect.

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