Very interesting read

This is about American Football, but I think worth your time.

It talks about how the great quarterbacks see the field of play, how really very difficult this is, and how they have mental shortcuts to managing this task.

I think there are…. or could be… implications for midfield play.  I mean, not exactly, but kind of.  Suppose you’re a central midfielder.  You’re playing in a really busy part of the pitch.  You get seconds on the ball.  The easy thing is to do the easy thing.  That’s not how the best players operate though is it?  Danny Murphy is some way down the list of Europa League heroes, but remember his chip that set Simon Davies free against Hamburg?  Murphy, somewhere, found the vision and gumption in a high pressure situation to notice a defence that wasn’t quite where it wanted to be, and a Welshman who wasn’t where he usually was.  Then he had the technique to execute, and Davies did the rest.

It’s things like this that differentiate the good and the great.  Learning to read the field must be crucial in a player’s development.  You need the fitness and technique to be a valid footballer in the first place, but this is where you go from good to great.  (this is where Berbatov is already, right?  He knows where people are on the field).

I wonder if this isn’t the next big coaching breakthrough.  Field interpretation.  How are the defenders and midfielders set up?  Who amongst them isn’t quite in the right place?  Is anyone on our team in a position to take advantage?  Can I get him the ball?

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