A graph showing important things


This shows points per game on a rolling 10 game average.  What this means is that at any point, what is the average points per game in the previous 10 matches.  It’s a way of looking at how something’s progressed without all the lurching around you’d get if you didn’t roll up the data.

PS divvied up by season:


10 thoughts on “A graph showing important things

  1. Interesting. People continually bring up how great we were playing at the end of Hughes’s time in charge, when in actuality we’ve been averaging more points per game under most of Jol’s time with the club.

    1. For whatever reason Jol’s team seems more inclined towards swings of fortune doesn’t it? Suspect this might be a result of lack of proscribed approach; the team is either gelling or looks a mess!

      1. Agreed. He seems to be that cliched “player’s manager”, in that he is quite convivial and, one could argue, he allows the inmates run the asylum.

        This is a marked difference from the Sanchez and Hodgson days when we had a style and stuck to it. Sort of has a Coleman feel to it, but I wasn’t around most of that era.

        Nonetheless it’s resulting in some amazing performances, some awful performances; but overall a mediocre team with some amazing players.

  2. Hey Rich

    Best graph that I have seen in a while.

    Does it point to support for the Jol out faction, do you think ?

    Personally, I am as much concerned by infield leadership as the manager issues. He certainly has issues.

    Brede great player for us. Nearing the end of his EPL career, but too polite and does not seem to be a motivator during games. Be interesting to plot the end of the Murphy era and the start of the Brede era as skipper.

    Is the graph one of yours, or is there somewhere I can see the stats behind it ?

    Glad you are back in the blogosphere. My son, Chris, writes for HammyEnd perhaps you have seen some of his posts?



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    1. thanks, Barry. I did it using results data. I can see your point re leadership, but Parker’s supposed to be a bit special on this and that should help.

    1. The overall pattern is nice, but I reckon comparing results to competition would also be a handy piece of added info to analyze the club’s form with.

      Like, with a downward peak, you’d eventually expect some period of regression, but if the next five fixtures included Arsenal, Chelsea, Man. Utd/City and Liverpool, I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

      With the next five contests (up to the end of October) mapping out as:

      Away to Chelsea
      Home vs. Cardiff
      Home vs. Stoke

      Away to Crystal Palace
      Home vs. Southampton

      …if there isn’t an upward trend in the near future, I imagine Jol’s boys are in for some trouble.

  3. Would be useful to add two more lines – one at 1pt per game which indicates relegation form and one at 2pts per game which equates approximately to top six form.

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