Let it be

I hate football and football fans when it gets like this.   I don’t want to get all sensitive on you or anything, but in what other sphere of life do you find a large group of grown men shouting furiously at another man?  It’s basically football managers and murderers and rapists awaiting trial, which suggests that some people need to get some perspective.

That said, the team needs to get better.  Here is the latest whoscored.com summary of our game:



We’ve been highlighting this problem for the last two weeks but yet again, Fulham have been completely undone by their absolute inability to stop another team from playing.  To be outshot at home by a margin of 22-9 against a newly promoted side is a) terrible but b) not a surprise.

It’s hideous and I don’t understand it.  If there is to be a new manager he has an open goal before him: start again, build from the back, win some games.  I am baffled why Jol didn’t tighten right up for today’s game, opposition be damned.  Just start trying to get things right, start playing a proper team game.  But no, we got another ridiculous performance and a well deserved defeat.

Jol and his team are paid a lot of money and need to fix this.  It’s not just amateur speculation as to what a problem might be, it’s a bloody obvious assessment based on facts.  It can’t continue like this.

14 thoughts on “Let it be

  1. Yep. I’ve been in the pro-Jol camp but this result is the last straw for me. Thankfully I didn’t sit up at 1:30 in the morning, Adelaide time, to shout and swear at a dodgy stream, and see us concede yet another injury time goal. But obviously something is seriously wrong. Our captain is not a motivator, and his game has gone to pot (actually it went to pot quite a while ago apart from the occasional good performance). There seems to be a total lack of chemistry within the team – is that Berbatov’s influence? Some of our best players from last season (e.g. Dejagah) seem to be on the outer. We seem to have the perfect player to inject some steel into our midfield (Boateng), but he’s in solitary confinement somewhere. We bought an expensive goalkeeper who seems to be injury prone. What else could possibly go wrong?

  2. It goes way beyond just shots though doesn’t it? The continual lumping it forward to Berbatov by Stockdale, Hangeland aimlessly trying to find Bent with long balls all game. That’s not the players making those decisions off the cuff, they’ve been instructed to do that. How can an established Premier League team be undone time and time again by set pieces into the box? How can Cardiff play neat passes and rotate the ball and be patient until an opening arises & then look to quickly exploit it? How can we fail to put in a good performance for 90 minutes?

    This has been going on way beyond this season, I asked the last time we played well for 90 minutes on Twitter recently and the last game most thought was Arsenal away. That’s nearly a year ago!

    Terrible soul destroying football. The table has turned for me now and the club need to act fast to remove Jol, we were sleepwalking into trouble, we’re now sprinting towards it!

  3. The problems are, as you say, obvious and have been coming for a long time. Jol is executing his “plan” and its impossible to see what it is. After all this time its also impossible to see Jol as someone capable of going back to basics. We need a change.

  4. Since Roy masterminded the great escape, through our good years, we have been a team that was greater than the sum of its parts. Now the reverse is true.

    I have not been anti Jol but I can’t see him surviving this. Alf Ramsey’s famous quote to Jack Charlton, “I may not pick the best players, Jack, but I pick the best team”, seems apposite. Ramsey not only got his selection right, he got them well organized and there was no room in his team for “sexy footballers” who don’t do the graft. Jol seems unable to get this right, and as a result even our normally reliable performers are looking below par.

    Jonathan Liew in the Telegraph was scathing of Hangeland’s slowness and general lack of command. Is it just that he has been moved to right CB with a new CB and LB alongside or is he really in serious decline as Mike H suggests?

    Despite our understandable misery, your opening paragraph, Rich, is as ever, so appropriate.

  5. “How can an established Premier League team be undone time and time again by set pieces into the box? ”

    – Because we don’t have a Premier League goal keeper in the box running the show! It is no co-incidence that the team Schwarzer left got relegated. We bought a ‘proper’ replacement, but he is injured.

    But I am the same – I could not read the forums this morning (I live in Melbourne) because I knew what the anger would be like.

  6. I’ve been a Jol defender too. I thought it was important not to act rashly and cause further disruption, but after this game, coming after an already terrible run, it’s an increasingly tough position to take.

    Fulham are a mess. Nothing going forward, disorganized in the back. It always seems like the opposition has a goal near whereas with Fulham there isn’t one within miles. The Ruiz goal, as nice as it was, went against the run of play and seemed to materialize from nothing. How many of those can you expect to get?

    I was cautiously excited after the Everton win because it looked like we just barely beat a Championship side.

    Jol looks like desperate man who doesn’t have an answer.

  7. Yep, once again the problem is the defending. Parker getting inured obviously played a role, but even so, the players on the field should’ve been up to the task. Relating to one of Nick’s points above, it was mentioned over and over on the broadcast that Hangeland didn’t look right. Is he carrying an injury? He barely jumped all match and was losing headers to Fraizer Campbell, who’s seven inches shorter than him.

    Unfortunate IMO to see Kacaniklic taken off (and, in a sense, scapegoated) when he was. I would’ve sooner taken off Bent who looked like he no longer has the pace to play the style he supposedly plays, or Berbatov who looks disinterested (and this is coming from someone who doesn’t put too much stock in how a player “looks” if the play is fine otherwise). There was one point late in the second half where Berbatov was yelling at Hangeland for playing a ball up to him because he hadn’t gotten back on side yet. So… you know… get moving and get back on side!

    1. I guess I would add to what I wrote earlier that when Cardiff came out and pressed aggressively, we weren’t prepared for it, like maybe we’d been expecting them to stick to the “keep it tight and try to grab a point on the break” script that promoted teams often follow. Especially without Parker, we weren’t able to cope with that, leading to what felt like a lot of long balls to attackers who aren’t suited to winning them (though Bent is better in the air than I had assumed), and as a result our defense had to cope with more pressure than you’d like.

  8. This is clearly a blog for the Jol detractors and I certainly am one . I have been uncomfortable with his matter of fact approach to defeats from the start and was disappointed that in 16 months he hasn’t been able to come up with a replacement for Murphy. Who was the lynchpin of our team and rarely got injured. Parker is a class act and as soon as he went off we could see it would be a difficult day but surely we should have amassed a stringer squad than one where all we can do is bring on Karagounis ( who always puts in a strong shift but is too slow ) . Tarrabt is another luxury player who clearly demonstrated that the odd flair filled display does not make him a reliable player in any Premier League side . I won’t even bother to address how under resourced we are at left back !

    So , the best thing to do now is give a new manager as long as possible to shape up our disjointed troops and identify key reinforcements for January and if the chairman wants to protect his investment then he will need to be prepared to pay £ 10 m plus for a few key players – Preferably under the age of 29 !

  9. “but in what other sphere of life do you find a large group of grown men shouting furiously at another man?”. The stock market, which is incidentally also where large sums of money are invested and often lost.

  10. Forget about ‘grown men’ shouting furiously……there are many women out there supporting our club who have seen this club heading towards disaster for a very long time. Let in ‘ macho egotists ‘ such as Jol and Berbatov and you have a recipe for disaster. It’s not rocket science.

  11. The situation looks dire. Just a couple quick notes to some of the posts above.
    1. Fulham have been bad on set pieces for at least a year. It wasn’t all that much better with Schwarzer who is established and experienced, right?
    2. We need help at left back, that’s clear. But despite other performances, previously, Keiron Richardson looked dangerous when he came forward, and looked like he put in a good shift in the second half (I didn’t see the first.)
    2.a. Our attitude…the constant back passing all the way to Stockers, has everyone moving and thinking backwards instead of forward. Why is this # 2.a.? Well, Richardson “played in a delicious cross” according to the match commentator on TV, and there were four guys within three yards of the ball, and every last one of them backed AWAY from it as if it were lump of feces….Sidwell, Berbatov, and two more.

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