Stand off


Here’s a nifty Opta graphic pinched from NBC Pro Soccer Talk.

Shows time a team has the ball and allows opponents to keep the ball, per ‘possession’.  So as you might expect, we’re quite good at keeping it a while (if not incisive, we are careful), but we’re among the very worst at getting the ball off opponents.  This is last year’s data but still.  Check out late-era Southampton!   Only Norwich and WBA allowed opponents more time to build attacks than Fulham.


Add in this, from



6 thoughts on “Stand off

  1. The change at Southampton is startling, and Pulis doesn’t smell of roses. One outlier apart, the y-axis placements are much less varied than the x’s, so that’s interesting too. But actually we were barely above bog-standard by the criterion you highlight and close on both measures to Chelsea, so not sure this actually gets us very far.

  2. but we’ve established that we are remarkably easy to create chances against. This would suggest we’re not getting close enough to people, which the above certainly would support. Put another way: if we pressed like Southampton, would we still allow so many shots? (or would we be even more tired come the late stages?!)

        1. Sacked managers with no experience in your league and who can’t even speak the language may turn out to be just what you need?

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