Direness part 2

Via something White Noise posted on twitter/

This looks at shots/shots allowed, too.

Fulham summary:

Relegation candidate #3. Fulham have been historically terrible – only 7 teams in the past 12 seasons have had a 9 game stretch where they had a TSR of 0.300 or lower. Fulham have done that against the easiest set of opponents of any Premiership team this season.. Amazing.

2 thoughts on “Direness part 2

  1. I’m also for change. If this continues I can see us reaching Christmas still on the same number of points we have now…I’m really not kidding. The way we were played off the park last weekend was utterly shameful. The attitude of the team stinks, and this is typified by Berbatov in my opinion. I’m sick of seeing him stand there and watch as opposition players run past him. They must be cracking-up inside! We’ve basically got half a player out there on the pitch (maybe he would argue that he’s twice as good, so it balances out…who knows). Anyway, that said, it’s the whole team not one player. It looks to me like Jol has lost the team though – they are clearly not motivated, and if he has a game plan, then they’re certainly not following it. We’ve been hearing the thoughts of two decent (if not exceptional) managers this season through their biographies – Fergie and Redknapp – if there’s a common theme I’ve noticed in both of these, it’s that control is everything. Fergies actions against Beckham, Keane and others are well documented, but Redkanpp also talked about ditching Taarabt for similar reasons. Does Jol have control? It doesn’t appear so. If not when did he lose it? He has made several strange decisions over the past couple of years that seemed to me to be an over-reaction, and the kind of thing you might expect from someone desperate to try and establish control. Remember that stupid fine he gave Kasami over the penalty? Departing players like Dempsey and Murphy (oh how I miss him) also dropped (not so) sublet hints about Jol’s control issues and the mood in the dressing-room I’m not mistaken. Managing a team (and I’m not just talking about football here, but rather the kind of team management that plays out in offices all over the country) is not something that comes naturally to everyone. You may have some great ideas, but that doesn’t make you a great manager. Controlling and leading a group requires a whole different set of skills, and if you don’t have them your team looks like a bunch of individuals.

  2. What I find morbidly fascinating about this, is that statistically Fulham are playing just like that hockey team I somehow root for: the Maple Leafs. Yet their records could not be more different.

    Basically, both teams are giving up WAY too much possession and too many shots without responding in any formidable number of their own. It’s a recipe for disaster that Fulham is following but Toronto somehow isnt–they’re currently top of the Eastern Conference I think (CANT WAIT FOR INEVITABLE REGRESSION).

    Some key lines from Sean McIndoe’s article, that are eerily similar to Fulham:

    “It’s enough to understand that possession correlates to winning. The good teams have the puck more often than they let their opponents have it; bad teams spend the majority of the game chasing it.

    By virtually any measure, the Leafs are one of the worst possession teams in the league. Last year, they were outshot by more than five shots per game; when they made the playoffs, the Leafs became only the second team since the turn of the century to be outshot that badly and still qualify for the postseason.

    And the bad news wasn’t limited to possession stats. The Leafs had the league’s highest PDO, a stat that adds shooting and save percentages and can be a good indicator of which teams had the best luck. In his Hockey Abstract, Rob Vollman created a formula for measuring team luck that included PDO as well as injuries and other variables; he concluded that out of 150 teams over five seasons’ worth of data, last year’s Leafs team was the luckiest.”

    Even if you’re not into hockey, and/or hate the Maple Leafs, I’d really recommend reading this through the prism of Fulham: http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/9799967/toronto-maple-leafs-advanced-stats

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