This will be nothing new to regular readers, but our woes are catching on in the neutral sector of football sites…

Statsbomb has something about our problems here.

Put another way, we are allowing 12 more shots a game than we are making!  Over a season we will allow 439 more shots than we take.

How…. how can we expect to do anything with numbers like that?




4 thoughts on “Direness

  1. Last night was another clear example of why the manager has to go . Nine changes but still leaking goals from a series of defensive mistakes and crucially in the 40 -45 and 85-90 minute period .

    I truly believe that if we don’t make a change within the next two weeks it will be tool late to find a manager who can blend a team capable of playing in a disciplined and cohesive manner .

    I’d axe Jol if we lose on Saturday whatever the quality of our performance .

      1. One of the goals (I think it was the 3rd?) was a result of the Leicester player literally running past Hughes. He just couldn’t keep up.

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