And while I’m here

This is a fabulous look at the stats v eyes debate, from the perspective of a Spurs game. Really worth a read.

I think this gets to the heart of the Ruiz thing, too.  Ruiz isn’t the player that Eriksen is (or is he?  If Eriksen was playing for Fulham…) but he’s trying the same kinds of things.  The numbers say that Eriksen was amazing for Spurs against Newcastle. Fans say he was awful.  Ruiz was much the same last year for Fulham, with having him as our joint best player with Berbatov, and fans… well you know what fans think.


9 thoughts on “And while I’m here

  1. Thought the same last month when Townsend was the flavor of the week and there was much humming and hawing as to why Jol didnt sign him. Yet the numbers just didn’t add up, and still don’t.

      1. Certain message boards, during the last string of England games, were complaining that we didnt sign him over the summer. I pointed out that we already have a player of his ilk–a young, potential-filled attacking mid that LOVES to shoot from way outside, annnnnd thats about it–and was criticized.

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