13 thoughts on “Those shots…

  1. Reasons to be cheerful:
    – It surely cannot go on like this & change will be happening soon
    – If you’re going to be rotten, it’s best to be rotten in the first 11 games than the last 11 games
    – We’ve got 10 points which we haven’t even deserved from the inadequate showings so far….we really should be rank bottom
    – The final 3 home games are at least the final 3 home games you would probably have hand selected given the chance

    Reasons not to be so cheerful:
    – It’s going to be painful viewing over this next 2 months

    Bring out the big brush to give us a clean sweep & a fresh start with 27 premier league games left please.

  2. Gentleman Jim made two interesting comments during the Liverpool pummeling: “When was the last time we played well?” and, commenting on when the players cheered the away fans, “It the most impressive thing they’ve done all day.” That’s as close to biting criticism as we are likely to hear from the lies of him.

    If the interwebs are to be believed, it would seem like Di Matteo is in the frame to replace Jol. Perhaps the conversation should move beyond why and how bad Fulham are performing (and we do have quite a bit data thanks to Rich), but to who you would want to take the reins (providing they’re available). Poyet? Bradley? Halloway? Clough The Younger? Or the unspeakable… DiCanio? Let’s hope Khan gets this right.

    I personally believe that anybody who can shore up the defense and provide us with a basic shape (two things Jol has simply not done) has a decent shot of keeping us up. We have a talented squad, but in every match I’ve watched so far they just seem to be playing like a group of individuals- each with a different set of tactics and expectations from their teammates. It would appear from all other match reports and data sets collected that this is the problem, no cohesion. This squad needs to become a team. Unfortunately, Jol has accomplished the opposite since coming on board.

    I still love Jol, and I still think he’s a good manager. But, just like Clough at Leeds, this simply isn’t the club for him. (And it’s worth pointing out that Clough didn’t have the support he needed at Leeds either, as was pondered in a previous post.) I don’t think Jol is as good as Clough, mind you. I’m just saying this shouldn’t be a career ender for him.

    1. The last time we played well was at Palace, not coincidentally the last time we played our best lineup against a team not in the top five.

        1. That’s fair, we should have beaten them well and we did. If “when was the last time we played well?” means “when was the last time we played well against a team we weren’t expected to beat” then the answer would be different. The cup match against Everton, I guess. I would maintain that it doesn’t make sense to make too much out of successive defeats to Southampton (in third place now), United and Liverpool, with a cup match with a weakened lineup mixed in.

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