Utility outrage


Football fans generally get outraged far too much and I am not really outraged at this. BUT it was really disappointing to read the excellent WSC magazine this month doing a feature on utility men… there, at the top, was a picture of Chris Baird!

Hurray, I thought,  a bit of credit for the man who beat Juventus from the middle of the pitch, who held Spurs scoreless at WHL at centre back, and who was generally about as good a utility man as you might find.

But the article didn’t mention Baird. No, Blackpool’s Chris Basham was the man under discussion. That is him next to Bairdinho. FFS.

3 thoughts on “Utility outrage

  1. He would have been useful this season with all our defensive woes. I always liked him a centre back personally when he had the rare opportunity to play there in his preferred position.

    1. The Chris Baird of two years ago would have been more than useful. There must be a story behind his decline but he certainly stopped being worth picking last season.

      1. Yet another time I wish this sport had a modicum of transparency. Suppose Occam’s Razor would suggest the influx of CM’s in January spelled the end of Baird, as I don’t think featured anytime past the first week of February.

        Anywho, I love him. He’s the only player’s name I have on any replica uniform.

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