Bryan Ruiz is being fixed

From his own website

Solano/INTENSA The break that the Premier League is in to give way to the date of matches among national squads by FIFA has allowed Bryan Ruiz undergo an important treatment in his back to diminish the discomfort that he has endured since long ago.

Bryan, who was not called for his national team next friendly match in order to get such therapy, commented that this week he was in Germany for one day receiving such treatment from a medical specialist who months before treated some muscular problems that affected him.

“It’s been a  positive week. I had been playing for some time with back problems, and so it was necessary to be treated the right way. I have gone to Germany to get some treatment that has been helping me and I’ve felt better. I hope to finish such treatment within a week”, he explained in his webpage.

Bryan stated that the medical specialist found as a possible reason for his back pain the poor posture he keeps during the extensive trips he has made for a long time between Europe and Costa Rica.

“It is a problem derived from so many trips from Costa Rica to Europe. In the past years it has affected my back, and I have also had certain problems in my back because of my height, so I need to follow some specific work”, he said.

Bryan also had an opinion over the arrival of the Dutch coach Rene Meulenstee to his team’s bench, who worked between 2007 and 2013 with Alex Ferguson in Manchester United, and who now will support Martin Jol in Fulham.

“His arrival is to strenghten the team, to help. The beginning of the season has not been good, and he’s a person who has experience and knowledge in British football. It is important that he helps coach Martin Jol”, commented Ruiz.

Interesting as there was a long (by twitter standards) rant on this by international coach Raymond Verheijen, who tends to speak a lot of sense.

How will the managers of the European top clubs look back at this week’s international games. What an unbelievable injury tsunami!
The question is whether there is room for improvement at national teams to reduce injuries. For example, with respect to recovery & training
At club level, on the 1st day after game, players do a recovery session & on 2nd day after game there is no training to maximize recovery.
During an international week, after their club game on Sun, players have to report to national teams on Mon. They often do recovery on Mon.
However, on Tue (2nd day after game) national team coaches often plan a full session as they have little time to prepare for the Friday game
Consequently, players will not fully recover from the club game before playing with national team on Friday. So they will accumulate fatigue
After national team game on Friday, players have to recover again. Normally, this means recovery session on Saturday & no training on Sunday
However, national team managers often plan a full session again on Sun (2nd dag after game) as national teams have to play a 2nd game on Tue
As a result, again players do not fully recover after game. Due to this unfinished business, now they really do accumulate a lot of fatigue.
Accumulated fatigue has a negative effect on nervous system. So players’ motoric coordination goes down & injury risk increases dramatically
Obviously this is not only reason for this week’s injury tsunami. But there is clearly a lot of room for improvement at national team level.
Optimizing recovery & training is the least national teams could do to reduce injury risk of the players they borrow from European top clubs
With Gary Speed’s Wales national team we did not train on Tuesday & Sunday to optimize recovery & reduce injuries. Practise what you preach!
Why do Barca & Real accept all the friendlies of Spain in South America & Africa? What is consequence for Spanish players at end of season?
Luis Suarez is playing tonight with Uruguay in Montevideo. On Saturday he has to play with Liverpool against Everton. Irresponsible planning

If this is keeping him out it’d be a huge shame — Ruiz would really benefit from the new coaching schemes.  Not him personally, but by the fact that our attack might be a bit more coherent.

2 thoughts on “Bryan Ruiz is being fixed

  1. I think when a lot of American sports fans hear about nebulous medical treatments in Germany, they think of Kobe Bryant’s knees, which he (and a few others) have had treated in Germany with a platelet injection that isn’t approved here. Not the worst connotation, since Kobe is superhuman.

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