11 thoughts on “Paying for Martin’s severance

  1. well thats gone up £15 to what i paid for same fixture last year.
    costs an arm and a leg not to have a season ticket but i live too far away now to warrant one

      1. So, the price for if I were to stroll up and buy?

        Ask because in most sports here, Season tickets or packages cost less than Single Game Tickets. That said, paying $40-$115 for sporting tickets from the team (not on third market) isn’t unusual here at all. So apologies if I can’t get as outraged.

        1. Season tickets were pretty reasonable. Have gone up now but mine used to average 25 quid a game.

          As a non s/t holder it’s just inconceivable that I would go to football now. With two small kids and one income that is about our disposable income for a month. Ridiculous. Dad used to take me to Luton at £4 a ticket in the late 80s. Inflation for sure but it is just silly that people are paying this. A family trip to a game would be extraordinary.

          1. Hah that is true.

            But I do agree that ticket prices are absurd. And although it’s not as big an issue, it is something that you hear quite a bit here as well: it popped up here recently when, despite the O’s winning, the stadium was often empty on weekdays. This was because of the prohibitive cost to bring the family–compared to the cost, ease, and comfort of watching the game at home. And Orioles tickets are really damn cheap compared to other teams!

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