Berba wants to leave, or Pretty in White

dbIt feels like the plot of an 80s teen movie. The star jock dates the slightly awkward but really beautiful underneath it all girl next door type but treats her badly for too long and in the end she has had enough. In front of all his friends, who are probably wearing those white sleeved jackets and maybe sitting in a convertible, she dumps him.

This he cannot believe. HE should be the one doing the dumping here. HE was lowering himself to go out with her! What the fuck? (they wouldn’t have said this in the 80s of course).

This is rarely the end of the story though. The jock, faced with this unwanted prick to his ego, reevaluates his life and, prompted by the power of good, pleads with the girl-next-door to take him back. He will stop hanging out with his hangers on and devote time to being a proper person, a good boyfriend.

mrThe girl-next-door is by now on the verge of starting something with her best friend, the geek who hadn’t dare tell her his true feelings until now, but such are the mechanics of these things that this relationship wasn’t really meant to be either, and the geek gallantly encourages the girl-next-door to follow her heart and go out with the jock after all.

At this point the geek ends up with his own surprisingly attractive date, but by now the metaphor is lost and we have literally no idea where Dimitar Berbatov fits into the story. Is he a good guy misled or a bad guy who briefly managed to act like a good guy?

If there is a moral here we must try to see the good in everyone. If the jock acted like an idiot, well maybe he’s been top dog all his life and has never had to learn humility. If the Prom Queen is a conceited bitch (we haven’t mentioned her until now but she had designs on the jock at one point and so hated the girl-next-door, but this didn’t seem pertinent to our story) then perhaps that’s because for her whole life people have been blinded by her beauty and she has never had to be particularly nice.  Is that really her fault?  We are all the products of our environment, one way or another.

The girl-next-door and the geek have never experienced such levity, knowing instead unrequited love and inferred rejection. They are only too aware of how cruel life can be, which makes any entanglements in this story potentially thorny, but if things work out nicely everyone can learn from everyone else. If the jock and the girl-next-door are really from different worlds then, try as they might, perhaps it never will work after all, in which case it’s best for everyone to find a situation that works better for them, whatever the rights and wrongs of the situation.

6 thoughts on “Berba wants to leave, or Pretty in White

        1. Ah yes that works too. But Singles (boy what a movie/soundtrack) is from ’92. I was thinking more stereotypical 80’s fare (like John Parr’s “Man in Motion”)

          If we were looking for that early 90s Gen-X era, like a Reality Bytes, would swap in this song:

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