Killing of a flash boy: Ruiz leaves to PSV

Ruiz to PSV.  I’m sure that video’s right out of context but seems to resonate to a degree, beyond just being part of Suede’s Great Run of Amazing B Sides.  If you missed it, my emotional send off to Bryan was (and still is) here.

Anyway, I didn’t see the game last night. As you know, my season ticket was not renewed when we left London so I’m on streams like the rest of you. Last night our internet wasn’t working so that was that.

It’s funny how withdrawal makes things less real. I have never seen the team play under this manager. I haven’t seen any of the youngsters we’re all so excited about.  But it’s nice they’re worming their way into the picture.  3-0 Cup wins don’t come along every day, do they?

9 thoughts on “Killing of a flash boy: Ruiz leaves to PSV

  1. Its sad to see Bryan go.

    That said, I am all right with this provided we commit to playing 3 CMs through the middle and two wingers rather than reverting back to the mess we had at the end of Jol and the Hull/Sunderland games, with lots of one-paced attacking players and no cover for the defence.

    Last night’s game was good fun – a no pressure cup game with a few young faces thrown into the mix. I thought Dan Burn looked like a real throwback CB – imposing, strong, ‘no-nonsense’ etc. I usually don’t like that style of play but he seems exactly what this team needs. Hangeland looked shaky but hopefully that is rustiness and Kaca and Dejagah helped create space for everyone and we looked dangerous every time we broke forward. Sidwell continues to play well, even if the midfield looked weak defensively, and even managed a tackle with his head, which has forever endeared him to me.

    When I look at this team playing with the set up of last night (direct, pace, width, simple passes, energy up front) I think it is 3 players away from staying up (a CM creator, a LB and a pacy CB) but some of the recent tactical decisions and the apparent lack of transfer movement think we will be condemned to relegation. Here’s to hoping the management and the owner finally get the situation we are in.

  2. Hello Rich. Can I ask you what streaming you use? I’m a life time fan of Fulham but not in London like yourself. Thanks and hope you reply.

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  3. He wasn’t that flash (= showy, ostentatious) really.

    Easier actually to say what he wasn’t than what he was — for Fulham anyway. Hopefully his true professional identity will re-emerge at PSV.

    I missed that you’d moved from London and now rely on streams. Just shows how much can be gleaned in that way. Do they exist for games in the Championship?

    1. Not that I’d ever watch games on illicit streams, but from what I’ve observed, it seems to be the case that any game that’s being televised somewhere will also be available on a stream, though the variety and quality will often vary based on how high-profile the game is. And I do know from going to the bar to watch Fulham that a fair number of Championship matches are televised – for instance, according to seven fixtures this coming Saturday.

  4. The perplexing part of this season is that the bottom third of the table is a trash fire. We are deservedly a relegation candidate, but might well stay up despite ourselves because of the rot around us.

    I endorse, in concept, the plan to play the kids and roll the dice. But given that so little may be necessary to stay up, the urge to grasp has got to be incredible.

    That said, Dan Burn looks like he’s one of the top 2 CBs on the squad right now. Like a mobile Hangeland.

  5. Was good to see Dembele, Tankovic and Christiansen get a short run last night, along with the full 90 display by Burn that I too was impressed with as was mentioned above. He definitely looks more assured with the ball at his feet and more importantly, his regard for correct defensive positioning. Something that cannot be said for Senderos or Amoribieta this term. He deserves a good run with the 1st team because really, what’s the worst thing that could happen, letting in 4, 5 or even 6? Already happened…

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