2-0 defeat at Arsenal

Another day another defeat.  I didn’t see it again, this time being at a showing of Walt Disney’s Frozen in Swindon’s Empire cinema (you didn’t know Swindon had an empire did you?), in which two young princesses are separated by a freak incident in which one freezes everything she touches and therefore harms the other, almost fatally.  To stop it happening again they are kept apart. When they come of age and are thrust into positions of responsibility they have very different world views: the one who freezes people is full of guilt and worried about being seen by people. She wants to hide away. The other, who doesn’t know any of this background, has felt very lonely and wants to see the world.  There’s a lot of singing and all of this is quite well done and some of the visuals are spectacular, particularly with ice palaces and whatnot, and in the end you feel that you’ve seen something that’s not entirely perfect but which will probably be enduring. The power of love, etc. Stanley enjoyed it a lot, which was the main thing, but so did I and so did my dad. 


Back in London Fulham lost 2-0, which is probably a good result all things considered.  It’s interesting that a young player can slot in and not only survive but actually do well.  It is possible.  I know that the test of footballers is over 38 games, and that playing well for even four games in five is probably insufficient, so we won’t know what Dan Burn is made of for some time yet, but AT LEAST HE GOT THE CHANCE.


In other news, have you seen that we only have one single draw this season?


I wonder about this.  A draw is in many ways a sign that you have some sort of something about you.  They can be frustrating but there’s definitely something to be said for being able to get something out of games.  We are in a curious sort of all or nothing season, where the team has been unable to salvage points from close matches. Another handful of points would make the world of difference to our season but we just haven’t grasped them.  It’s another damning indictment on how bad we’ve been. 


If the BBC predictor tells us anything it’s that fans generally over-estimate their own team.  Various models (including my own) pitched Fulham’s likely end point at around 35-36 which will mean we’re still right in “it”.  Of course losing at Arsenal isn’t a terrible thing but it’s another game gone by.  

6 thoughts on “2-0 defeat at Arsenal

  1. Went to the game Rich and we did look very good in defence. Burn looked assured, fit and seems to read the game very well. I think we could really see a turnaround in fortunes soon. The team looked, strong and calm. Until Arsenal stepped up and started working the ball with speed and accuracy we looked pretty much in control. There are a lot of worse sides that we will face and they will not be able to get through our defence as other teams have done so far. It’s going to get interesting.

  2. We have yet to show any kind of consistency or form other than commentators saying that we are playing well. Sadly , this has not translated into points . A very negative line up against Sunderland cost us dearly , as has the absence of Hangeland and Stekelenberg . We will be lucky to reach 36 points and if we don’t win at Swansea , I think we wont give ourselves any realistic prospect of getting out of it . We have no firepower and our wingers don’t seem to be able to pick out a man in the box after very good approach work

  3. I swear it was only a few nights ago that I sat on my couch and noticed we were the only team with a single draw. I hadn’t even remembered we only had one. It seems like a few more. If not for that very late West Brom equalizer we’d have won that one. But I had the same thought–this is a bad sign. Our best seasons were filled with draws … mainly, I suspect, because we used to be so good at preventing goals.

  4. I had the thought over the weekend that it seemed like in general there were fewer draws this year, but looking at the table I’m not sure if it’s true. Certainly the top teams don’t seem be drawing against the bad ones, but I’m not sure if it’s happening less than usual.

  5. I had noticed the draws stat some time ago and thought back to all those 0-0s, especially away from home, under Roy. At the time it was frustrating. You couldn’t help thinking an equal share of wins and losses would serve us much better, but of course it doesn’t work like that. At least we do appear to be making some progress, particularly in defence.

    One of the national newspapers did a projected final league table with all the intervening results. We were just safe, but with about 35 points. The thing is, this league is SO polarised this season that the have nots (bottom eleven teams) will have a much lower collective points aggregate. The magic forty point mark could be at around fifteenth place.

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