Fulham in for Danny Rose

Fulham in for Spurs’ Danny Rose

In the 2012 Olympics GB manager Stuart Pearce – a former left-back – came to the conclusion that Ryan Bertrand, Neil Taylor and Danny Rose were all too good to leave out of his team. That they are all left-backs didn’t trouble Stuart: he would fit them in regardless. So Taylor played right back, Rose played in midfield, and Bertrand got to be the round peg. (Had one-time left-back Gareth Bale not taken himself out of the squad Stuart could have really gone nuts with this concept).

Anyway, it didn’t work that well.

Hmmm. Have you noticed what I’ve noticed?

Fulham started the window after Ryan Bertrand.

We’re now in for Neil Taylor.

You can bet your life that Danny Rose is next on the list.

No?  Well let’s see, shall we?

3 thoughts on “Fulham in for Danny Rose

  1. Money isn’t the problem here. Spuds can’t sell Rose he is there only left back. Sure Vertongen can offer cover, but they have to play him in the centre now or he will be off to Manu come the summer. cresswell at Ipswich would be a better bet at around £4m

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