Joy for Hugo Rodallega



I was in and out yesterday but heard the game on the radio.


I thought the team selection was spot on: a good blend of abilities, personalities and seniority.


In some ways the red card probably went against us.  I know people will say “we couldn’t beat 10 men from down the leagues” but these days red cards can focus the minds and it probably made United feel happy with their “what we have we hold” approach, making it even harder for us to find a way through.


It’s something we’ve talked about a bit in the past but if a team is well organised and can’t be drawn out then it can be mighty hard to get through them.  Then we’ll see stats like we saw yesterday: ¾ of possession, not much penetration.  Yeah, you’d hope that class would tell in the end and if United had had 11 I suspect we’d have found a way through, but there we are.


We were away from home in bad weather with a team of kids and reserves, against a team who would have seen this as a great chance to kick start their season.  I think a draw is nothing to moan about and seems entirely reasonable.  Yes, a certain disappointing forward might have won it at the end but I think we’re learning that the certain disappointing forward isn’t quite as advertised (we once bought something off ebay for Stanley: it was described “as new” but certainly wasn’t, being broken in some places and covered in food.  We complained, heard nothing, then sent it back and ebay gave us a refund. Would that such things were possible with broken centre-forwards).


We’ll win the replay and then have a nice home draw against a team from a lower division.  This season has been many things but the cup is opening up for us.

4 thoughts on “Joy for Hugo Rodallega

  1. Couldn’t agree more with this view of the game Rich.
    I personally enjoyed watching a ‘real old fashioned’ cup tie in the mud, where the ‘minnows’ took on the ‘Sharks’……(still, even after all these years in the top flight, can’t quite get my head around us being ‘the sharks’ )…..
    We certainly will beat them at home, and maybe, fate is showing it’s hand, as we may play Notts Forest again, like we did on the road to Wembley in 75….
    Only downside for me is that I have booked a holiday in the States in May, so if we do reach the final, I wont be there in person to see it…..duh!

  2. What’s funny about his goal was Fulham were attempting diagonal crosses (which we NEVER do, but made sense considering conditions) as the conclusion to all the possession, but well into the first half it became clear it wasn’t working for the team, and him especially as it’s not his ‘game’.

    Fast-forward to second half where the ball stayed on the ground more often; and he finds a ball from Tankovic (I think)–on the ground–turns, fires, scores. Boom.

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