Unseemly begging



Sorry, this will come across all wrong, but with one income and two small children, and it being January, we’ve… well put it this way, the well is dry.

So if you enjoy the website then I know you’ll enjoy the Fulham Review books we made over the years, which have insightful match reports, and loads of essays by terrific writers, all about the club.  Ideal toilet reading!

I have copies of the 08/09 season book (when we qualified for Europe), the 10/11 book (Hughes’ season, which wasn’t great, but I think overall it was the best of the books) and 06/07, the Coleman season, which was the first one we did. I have a single spare copy of the Hamburg Europa League book which I guess I could sell if anyone wants it. Maybe £10 to reflect the fact that it’s the very last one.

If you always meant to have a look at the books, please consider doing so now. Just go to www.godsfoot.com and order a back issue, saying which you want on the paypal notes field.  (note that the one we have on display there is sold out).

Thank you so much!

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