Fulham 2-3 Liverpool



What did you think?  To me, the only way to look at it is that we had two games where we thought we’d get nothing and we nearly drew ’em both.  That’s not bad.


We look like a team

The midfield looks fabulous, relatively speaking

There’s nobody in there under-performing now – not really

At some point we need to get results and every game that goes by is another step nearer the Championship

Bit of a bummer overall

Silly tackle at the end.  Looked like a tired tackle, which is probably excusable after 180+ very competitive minutes.  Oh well.

4 thoughts on “Fulham 2-3 Liverpool

  1. New manager apppointed – Felix Magath – what’s going on? Where does this leave Renee, Ray and Alan? Is this a first; a premiership club with three managers in one season?

  2. My friend was watching at the Putney end and told another friend who was with him when there were ten minutes to go that Reither was exhausted and needed to be subbed but we had no one to put in his place .

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