One way of looking at all of this

A second take, further to a good chat on Twitter with various leading minds.

Fulham are basically relegated. People are predicting this, the Dechtech predictor, which is usually quite good, has Norwich, Sunderland, Cardiff and Fulham as a fairly clear bottom four. Goal difference is more than a bit damning. William Hill has us 4/11 on (favourites) to go ( We’re in all kinds of trouble.

In that sense, what do we have to lose? Plan F or whatever we decided we were up to in the earlier post really hasn’t shown the signs of progress that Crystal Palace’s rescue remedy, or Sunderland’s escape plan, had. If you are feeling generous, there is just about time for a new manager to come in and sort out this mess. Maybe in that sense Felix Magath is the right man at the right time. (If you want to go all gooey, in one sense we now have a former Bayern Munich manager and a former Manchester United first team coach).

The “why not?” is because it doesn’t feel right; the “why?” is because a manager of real pedigree was up for this challenge.

In that sense it’s a reasonable but bold move.

There’s much to be said for not rocking the boat, and there may be fallout and unintended consequences here, but controlled risks are what success is all about (so I hear).  Maybe Fulham just saved their season.

UPDATE (okay, Rene is off then):
“I am very, very surprised, very disappointed, very frustrated as well, because the job that I stepped into was one that took me by surprise from the start, because that was not anticipated with Martin Jol leaving and obviously you then have to step into situation which is not the best. You need to try and make things better as soon as you can, but you’re playing with a deck of cards that are not yours. I haven’t really been given any time to make that work. I thought the performance against Manchester United and Liverpool were very, very good and it was unfortunate that we did not pick up the points that we deserved.
“I’ve not been told anything. I knew the owners were freaking out and panicking about the fact that Fulham could get relegated, but they’ve had that sort of attitude already 10 games back.
“They’ve hit the panic button on emotions of fear, but hey-ho, that’s what happens in football. It’s not always fair.”

9 thoughts on “One way of looking at all of this

  1. Are we certain Rene is sticking around? Certainly doesn’t seem like it and I would be very surprised if he does.

    This is all becoming very bizarre. Instead of speading a couple of extra million pounds on a decent CM this summer Kahn an macintosh decide to go through 3 different managers and 3 different back room staffs in one season instead?

    I don’t know, but I’m getting the impression that Khan would have a hard time running a lemonade stand and that Ali Mac has been vastly overrated. It’s getting more desperate by the day.

    1. Not sure that’s entirely fair Colin. Khan took over and was probably told he had a club with a respected and experienced manager in charge (true at one time, just not anymore). He showed a lot (too much) patience with Jol. Presumably it was Jol / Ali Mac who did not sort out a Danny Murphy type player, and advised Kahn that, as we say in Australia, “she’ll be right” without one. Eventually Kahn sees the light, gets rid of Jol, brings in the man who is on the spot and appears to have some expertise. The record shows that Rene did not achieve what the likes of Pulis has achieved, and we all have a low opinion of Pulis. We’ve latterly got to like Rene because of two stirring defensive displays against top clubs. If he’d won the Liverpool match, he’d probably still be with us, but as so often has happened, we cannot defend a lead. And only a few matches earlier, we were all saying that his team selection was bizarre, his substitution illogical, and that we were actually better under Jol. The ignominy of losing at home to Sheffield United is surely rock bottom, as he said himself. If this comes off, Kahn will look like a genius. If it doesn’t then we’ll have a top manager to get us back in the Premier League sharpish. I feel sad for Rene, but I didn’t have much faith in his chances of keeping us up. Magath has huge experience – if anyone can do it, then it might just be him.

    2. I’ve said it here and elsewhere: Kahn took the best course of action when he arrived. Kahn has proven in his past dealings in the NFL that he is (granted, past few months suggest otherwise) a hands-off, evolutionary owner. Tony Fernandes, Vincent Tan, and whatever-royal-family-that-owns-City he is not. So when he bought the team in late July, and his procurement was very much out of the blue (though if you follow HatterDon’s writings, he had MAF selling the club well over a year ago), there was no way he was going to *splash the cash*. I think we can all agree none of us predicted a *great* season, but surely no one saw it hitting rock bottom like it has. It really, really sucks to be the one that finds out their manager, despite feelings to the contrary is actually truly awful at their job. The club, and to an extent Kahn, did that with Martin Jol (I suppose Swansea, Spurs, and arguably WBA also learned that this season).

      1. Let’s not overstate Khan’s “hands-off-ed-ness”. He gave his son Tony a job in the Jaguars personnel office. Tony’s main contribution was torturing the stats enough to comem to the conclusion that “Blaine Gabbert was in the top third of NFL quarterbacks when given at least 2.6 seconds to throw.”

        Just sayin…

          1. True enough.

            I think we’d all feel better if Khan had some sort of track record for success in sports. Until he shows that, I’m more than happy to give him whatever the opposite of “the benefit of the doubt” is.

  2. It’s almost certain not to work out. It smacks of whatever Ali Mac’s long-term “strategy” coming utterly unstuck. It risks squad dissatisfaction, and depending on the route Magath takes, could see the shift towards youth come unstuck. But, if Magath has signed on with a view to continuing to bring the youth through and with one eye on the Championship, then why not? Those last two performances were great — as great as backs to the wall jobs can be — and I do like the look of the players brought in. But Rene had tried so many systems it was hard to believe that he really did have a particular philosophy that would help us stay up (no matter how much Hodgson experimented, he always had his system). So why not? You never know.

  3. First off we’ll never know what Rene might have achieved and that seems a shame. Had this happened a week ago though most of us would have been on board and excited and Magath will certainly have been approached when Rene seemed to be floundering.

    So who knows. This may be the A list manager we need or an out of his depth has been – my hunch unfortunately is the latter,

    We know though that Khan will gamble and spend to make us successful and that has to be some comfort. I wish the change hadn’t been made though.

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