Stats Create Winners

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When you look at how football managers and players are tracked by their stats, we can easily see how their progress with the club is coming along. Stats have always been a way to create winners and push managers to get the best out of their players. They play their part in every sport and every card game you come across where professional players are out there grinding away to improve their performances and increase their value.

Going back to the days when baseball started to use the individual stats of players, it actually changed the way players were traded in the sport. Even when you play cards or gamble, the stats truly make a difference.

Looking at the stats on recently sacked manager Rene Meulensteen, you can see just how seriously people take these statistics: Here you will see a great report that explains the statistics of various important aspects in the teams overall performance in the league. You can deduce from each element which managers were worth their weight in gold for the club, and which managers were not performing.

The importance of statistics are also something that many poker players ignore in their own game. However, when you consider the money involved in football versus the money involved in your average online or live poker player’s bankroll, that is a low stakes player grinding the felts, then you can understand why there would be no pressure to record stats, but despite there being no pressure, it is pressure that helps you improve. Therefore, those who ignore the statistical elements of their game, business or team, are the ones that will rarely experience growth.

Premier League clubs did not get to where they are now without making sure their managers are being tracked not just by their results, but statistics that correlate to bring an overall break down of how the team performs offensively and defensively. Those stats are then put down to the manager who has been given the responsibility to improve the team. Sacking the manager then becomes no problem when you have that stats justifying the dismissal.

Poker is no different. Sacking a particular play because the stats show a particular weakness in that play is vitally important. This could be a starting hand, pre-flop raise from out of position or a value bet on the river that is commonly not working for a poker player. Cut out a statistically bad play in poker, and the chances of discovering a better play later down the line increases. This is the same in football because when the club cuts out the manager, it aims to hire a better manager.

Learning to play free poker is one of the best ways to begin to understand how stats can actually improve what you do. It takes a lot of extra effort, but as football clubs have proved: when the game is up and the stats show a down turn, it is time to move on and try something else rather than sticking with bad habits because it’s simply easier and less hassle.

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