Whoscored summary

This is quite revealing, isn’t it?  Whoscored.com takes the numbers from each game and makes a summary.



To be honest I’m fine with us being more direct but concerned that we lack the people to make this work.  Our defence aren’t all that in possession so it makes every sense to not have them on the ball that much, but this means you have to focus on Holtby and while he had the ball much more than anyone else against WBA this only amounted to 44 passes, of which only 2/3 or so found Fulham players.  I worry about players like this in more aggressive lineups.  We only had the ball for a third of the game, too, which is partly because we went ahead and partly because we didn’t really seem to be overly worried about keeping it. Again, fine, this is a legit approach, especially coupled with what seems to be a huge emphasis on fitness, but are we really equipped to degenerate every game into a scrap, a fight?   Just because the team has no points, it doesn’t mean you need to go all medieval.

Magath knows more about football than I do and will have had to make a lot of quick judgements.  I have these 25 players.  These ones might work in this system, these ones might be able to do this.   On balance I think I have most chance if we play like this, and while I’d prefer different personnel, this is the way I think it can work.   In truth there isn’t time for his methods to properly catch on so we’ll just have to see how astute he is at getting ideas embedded quickly.  From an early look I’m not that convinced, but then I wouldn’t expect to be by now, and really we can’t just Magath until… well, probably November.  By which time the game will be well and truly up.

I just don’t want to see us going down lobbing high balls at Hugo Rodallega.

3 thoughts on “Whoscored summary

  1. I know a lot of people have been talking about the fitness of the team and I was a tad cynical about it until I went along to the Hawthorns on Saturday. I was genuinely shocked how puffed out we were from halfway in the second half onwards. In the last 10 minutes the players looked like dead men walking, really bad. Whatever system he puts in place I can’t see it working as the team will not be able to carry it out for a full 90 minutes. I also can’t see him being able to change the conditioning of the team on the hoof. I always assumed all premiership players must be on a relatively similar fitness routine, it can’t be a secret what levels you need to be at. If we had kept up the intensity of the first half we would have won easily but they looked like a team that had played 1 hour more football than the opposition by the end. They were out of puff and gaunt at the exertion. Very weird. I am in Zen like state of not getting too worked up about the games anymore and trying to enjoy the time we have in the Premiership. I didn’t even get too upset at the ball dribbling in, kind of expecting something to happen in our witching 5 minutes at the end of each game, and I wasn’t let down!

  2. Remember when you did this a few months ago and it said “Strenghts: None”, “Style of Play: None”? Any change from that is a positive one!

  3. I don’t know that I’d assume the tactics we saw in this first match will necessarily be those we see going forward, because A) it might be different with Mitroglou (hopefully) in the starting lineup than Rodallega, and B) Magath is presumably still assessing the guys he has to see what will work. That being said, I liked seeing us attack a lot down the right; I think Dejagah has been criminally underutilized so far this year.

    On the other hand, the defensive alignment (dropping Burn, Amorebieta on the left) and in-match reshuffling (Burn coming in for Richardson, Heitinga moving out wide, Riether moving up to central midfield, Holtby moving out wide) baffled me a bit. And it’s distressing that we continue to have trouble with physical strikers like Anichebe.

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