Couple of good articles on how other sports are incorporating analytics.  These go way beyond stats now, instead offering tangible feedback on tangible things.

The baseball one is particularly interesting. Get a load of this!

Then this, on golf.

My sense is that this kind of thing will eventually be useful in tracking players’ positions on the pitch.  I know this happens now but you’ll be able to see who’s slow to react to danger/crosses/runs, etc.   You’ll be able to see which goalkeepers aren’t moving their feet quickly enough and therefore letting in goals that quicker goalkeepers make look routine.

Dunno.  Interesting stuff though.  And yes, I know football’s more complicated than these stop/start sports ;-)

3 thoughts on “Analytics

  1. It’s not just about stop/start though – baseball is particularly suited to analysis (more so than, say, gridiron football which is also stop/start) because it’s easier to isolate an individual player’s actions from those of his teammates or opponents. (And golf, obviously, is just one player with club and ball and course.)

  2. I think this stuff is already being used in football. It is being used in basketball, and the flow of the game is fairly similar. However, the difference is that in football, the data is all proprietary and only the teams have it. Baseball is odd in analytics because amateurs were the ones who started it all, and much of the research is still done by them and out in the open. Football on the other hand needed expensive camera systems run by the team. The team then hoards the data and keeps their research secret. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if a team like Man City is already way ahead on stuff like this

    1. MCFC actually is did something interesting — in 2012 they created an open analytics program where they shared the previous season’s full opta data with anybody, as long as you agreed to share back any results you produced with the data. (Google “MCFC analytics” for more.) I don’t think they did the program again this year. I’m sure they have analytics people, but I also think the whole field is embryonic — until there movement-tracking like the CourtVision stuff that the NBA has now, it will be very hard to quantify most complex football interactions. One thing MCFC may have been doing was looking for people to *hire*.

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