Ruiz at PSV


He’s going okay isn’t he?

It’s interesting. If you look at the numbers he’s doing the same kinds of things he was at Fulham. Still dispossessed 2.6 times a game (one more than an average player might lose the ball – KILL HIM!), but he’s taking part in fewer aerial duels and shooting twice as often.

He’s passing at the same accuracy (about 80%) too.  The above numbers suggest that it’s not necessarily the ‘pace’ of the Premiership that did him in, otherwise he’d be more accurate in his passing now and wouldn’t lose it as often, would he?

Philippe Senderos is doing okay for Valencia as well.

We’ve shipped out the “waste of space players” and are doing no better.

Ultimately you need players to root for, to get behind.  My favourite player for a long time was Clint Dempsey, who didn’t seem to have universal backing, but whom I loved to watch.  I liked how he developed over time.  After him I admired a number of players, but Ruiz really caught the imagination.  I wanted it to work for him, but to this day I honestly believe that he was one of our best players.  We know he played through a back injury this season, and struggled – like absolutely everyone else in the club’s squad – to perform well.  Last year Whoscored had he and Berbatov as our best players, which I agree with.

By removing him Fulham cut down on their attacking options.  Martin Jol said this, which made sense to me:

‘Maybe they don’t need me but they need Bryan Ruiz believe me. I can cope with it because I know football. I have 1,300 games, and I know if people in football are not happy they will give you stick but for a player like Bryan… sometimes he is my best player and sometimes he gets caught on the ball and there are a few other players in the past like that. One of my heroes is Glenn Hoddle and people never gave him credit because he was sometimes like Bryan. People have to get used to him and if they don’t get used to him then we have a problem because I need Bryan Ruiz. He can give us a few goals. He came on against Leicester and was the best player on the pitch and that was only a few days ago.


One of the more disappointing elements of a disappointing season has been the treatment of Ruiz.  It’s funny, since I started writing this site my default view has usually been that people who are certain of things shouldn’t be so certain, that there’s a need to question everything.  But on this I feel quite certain: Ruiz could have been a very good player, and was a good one.  It’s like political leanings: I know I’m right on this.  And the people who disagree, well they know that I’m wrong.  In any case, getting rid of Ruiz hasn’t done us any good, has it?


14 thoughts on “Ruiz at PSV

  1. I often agree with you. But not in this case. We don’t miss him because we have a more effective, consistent and defensively capable player in Holtby.

    1. Bryan couldn’t cope in a team that had a shortage of ball winners in the centre of the pitch and one that had nobody quick enough to run onto the passes he was capable if making . He played to his strengths but they were not commentary to the team or our tactics . For that we have to blame the management and not Ruiz . He might have been more use to Moyes or Laudrup .

      We need to start next season with a clean sheet of paper and totally rebuild our squad . We cannot rely on loan signings and remnants to get us back to the Premiership . That’s when Magath will be truly tested .

  2. I am interested to see whether you felt it was possible to build a team around both Bryan and Berbatov or just one of them?

    If you could have kept one or the other in January which of Berba or Ruiz would you have kept?

      1. ultimately all it needed was a compact team. Imagine Berbatov in the Zamora role in Hodgson’s side. He might not have been so physical but others around him would have had a fabulous time.

    1. I agree with this. I think Jol liked good players but failed to unite a team of compatible players.

      Ruiz, Dembele, and Dempsey? Perfect
      Ruiz and Berba? Too similar
      Ruiz, Berba, Bent? Too many players out of position
      Dembele and Diarra? Perfect
      Parker and Sidwell? Too similar

      To your question, I think in this relegation scrap, I would have preferred to keep Berbatov and farm out Ruiz. In reality, I would have kept both. They’re match winners. When Hodgson needed wins in his great escape season, he played Murphy and Bullard. 2 match winners.

      Rene inherited a good mix of creativity and hardworkers. It’s not always possible for teams like us to have players that have both of those qualities. If you have someone as special as Ruiz, you have to live with his faults. Rene made a big mistake in my opinion to choose between creativity and hardwork.

      Fair enough, he brought in Holtby, but he still farmed out our best technical players.

      1. I think Parker and Sidwell being too similar is such a significant (and yet not often remarked upon) factor into why we’ve been so poor this year. How many scapegoats have come and gone while they’ve played the majority of matches together?

        1. Totally agree. I feel if we had bought a quality creative CM instead of Parker last summer. Jol would still be manager and both Ruiz and Berbatov would still be in the team and we would probably be around 8-9th. Kahn/Ali Mac or whoever decided to pinch pennies last summer has really caused us problems.

  3. Ruiz, and especially Berba, weren’t “waste of space players”; no, far worse: they were deemed “luxury” and not what a club in our position “needed”.

    Since Ruiz left: 8GP, 7GF 19GA
    Since Berba left: 6GP, 7GF 15GA

    We’ve often said this season our offense was bad because our defense was so putrid. Well I think we’ve now come full circle where our defense is now worse because our offense is simply nonexistent.

  4. My vote would be for Zamora in his pomp, with Ruiz playing in the ‘Gera’ role just off him. Surely the perfect combination of hard graft, strength & willingness to be a team player alongside a creative maverick with a wonderful left foot. Boom! Top 6.

  5. PS. Every time I watch Darren Bent ploughing the lone furrow up front, I’m reminded at just how outstanding Zamora was in our Hodgson/Hughes era at holding onto a ball & turning it into something useful. Vastly under-rated when at his peak for us, but I guess something similar to what Holt & Lambert have offered over the past few years.

    I think that’s the saddest part of the past 12 months, has just been players, positions, combinations which just haven’t clicked and are pale imitations of some of the great plays & performers of the past 5 years. Murphy, Zamora + Gera, Dempsey in his pomp, Dembele unplayable, Schwarzer + Hangeland + Hughes unbeatable…it was so recent, yet feels so very far away alas!

  6. Ruiz is a very good player. It was a shame the way he was treated at FFC, as some members of the media like Phil Mison made him the scapegoat for all of Fulham’s woes. Even several weeks after his departure to PSV, it seems that Phil can’t stop writing about Ruiz and blame him for everything that is wrong and putrid about our team.

    I have watched some of Ruiz performances at PSV. It’s not just the goals, but the assists and the way he makes PSV so much better. And he’s been “clutch” by scoring decisive game winners and turning PSV’s season around. Just ask PSV’s coach, Cocu about how fantastic the Ruiz loan signing has been, and now they are in their quest to finish top 4 in Holland.

    Ruiz was just a good player in the wrong team (FFC) and wrong coaching/management. We need to sell him for sure at the end of the summer, with his stock high from the PSV stint, and potential positive World Cup performance. I don’t think he should be coming back to FFC, especially if we are in the Championship next year.

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