10 thoughts on “Berbatov…

    1. Lovely, but none of them did sufficient for us during the half-year prior to departure. (They needed fresh courses, we needed fresh horses.)

      1. It’s also because they had Steve Sidwell and Co. controlling the middle of the park and supplying them with so many chances right?

        1. As I said, they needed fresh courses and you have backed that up.

          Our main fresh horse has been Holtby, with Dejagah and latterly Rodellega let loose from the stables, plus new training and management — but still Sidwell and Co. I lack energy or inclination to look up who exactly was playing in which matches, but if we just compare pre-February to post-January, by which time the talented trio had departed, then the former period averaged 0.96 goals and 0.83 points per league fixture and since they all left it has averaged 1.25 goals and 0.92 points. So without being confident of causes and effects, it’s hard at any rate to see that we have missed them in measurable terms. If they have meanwhile begun to flourish again, in a Sidwell-less environment, then it’s all to the good for them while the harm to us lies…..well where?

    1. Don’t think so. Beardsley scored one quite like it for us down the Hammersmith End, while Best scored a more remarkable version at the Putney End against, I think it was Oldham. All surely deliberate, from hugely talented players. (But Best’s Fulham team was still humiliated at places like Swindon and didn’t avoid relegation by much.)

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