Roy Hodgson: A Football Life



This took me a long time to write. It’s been fascinating putting it together. The end result is as complete a retelling of Roy Hodgson’s career to-date as you’ll find.

Give it a go. You might like it, you might not, but at £3 it’s pretty okay, financially. Kindle only for now I’m afraid.

Buy it here.

18 thoughts on “Roy Hodgson: A Football Life

  1. No Kindle unfortunately, but glad to see that you’ve managed to get it out the door. Hope it fulfills its aim.

    1. I will try to find a way to do paperback. The rights for the cover image are too much for me to use as paperback but I could afford for ebook. It might be that I just do a white label paperback or something. Will sort asap.

    2. Not sure if you don’t own a kindle, or just dislike Amazon, but if you have a smartphone, tablet or even just a PC you can download the Kindle app and read it from there.

      I have an android phone and tablet and it works perfectly on both. And an excellent read it is too.

  2. Purchased.

    Well done for being the first, Rich.


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  3. Hi,

    Would love to buy the book – but my Kindle can’t access the uk amazon kindle site and it is not available on the US kindle site. Any other options?

  4. How do I get a copy in NZ? tried through Amazon UK and was told it could only sell to UK customers, I should go to but they do not have a copy on record.

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