This is interesting, on Dino Islamovic, via Harry Fremantle’s twitter.  It’s only one side of the story, of course, but even so.

In addition to this we have Brede Hangeland’s discussions with journalist Jacqui Oatley about the shambles that was Fulham recent era.  It looks like Oatley may have deleted these tweets but among other things was Hangeland saying that there had been no defensive training sessions all year (which is no surprise, really, is it?).



10 thoughts on “Shambles

  1. Everything that is coming out now is so fucking irritating. It is ridiculous the extent to which things had nose-dived in the last 12 months (or 2 yrs).

    The thing that gets me is why the players never took this kind of stuff up with the senior management if it was so obvious? Or even leak some stuff to the papers about how bad it was behind the scenes to force the issue?

    An unquestionable shambles from the club, but could the senior players have made it more of an issue?

    1. what gets me is players who are on large sums of money who need to be told how to play a game of football
      + we had three different managers and not one of them did any training with the defence, I dont think so
      why when player get caught out for lacking in skill and commitment do they look to blame everyone else
      wouldn’t it be nice if just for once they said it was down to me

        1. then they should give back there large bonuses they get
          I worked in the pro game for many years and there are very few footballers who hold their hands up when they are in the wrong and are these not the same players who kept saying trainings great, we have a great bunch of lads , there are no problems at the club
          but as soon as they are released everything and everyone else is wrong

          1. I can see that, sure. It’s just that he we have a team that we all thought should have been good enough to reach mid table but which got spectacularly relegated. Why?

            Maybe the reasons are starting to come out.

            1. as I said earlier I could agree if we had not had 3 different mangers
              also I felt that certain players got in on reputation
              Rise being one
              and i know it sounds like i’m picking on Hangeland but he was hardly the player he was 2-3 seasons ago
              and for a big guy his lack of headed goals has to be looked at and also how many headed goals came against us surely a centre half does not need to be trained how to head a ball
              also if we were not carrying out defensive training I presume we were doing attacking sessions
              which were also not our strong point
              I just feel that the players that helped get us relegated should shut up and stop trying to deflect their short comings
              there probably was problems with training but at the end of the day
              its the players on the pitch who have to take much of the blame
              they were just simply not good enough

              1. Sure. But *why* weren’t any of them good enough? Different managers, different players (except Sidwell…), rubbish anyway.

                Sure, Hangeland was pretty ordinary but he had 7 other people defendong with him when he was good. Now he has 2-3! Big difference. There’s always context surely?

                I am not sure how much blame someone like Hangeland should be taking given all of the above.

                I agree that deflecting blame doesn’t help anyone but ultimately we want to understand what happened, and that includes how a heretofore good player like Hangeland became a bad one. Unless he was out on the lash every night (which clearly he wouldn’t have been) the issue probably wasn’t him.

                I say that… there’s a good suggestion that he had got a bit comfortable but even that’s the job of a manager to stop people getting comfy.

  2. In summary at the time of writing:
    1) Management about whom more and more alarming reports need to be shrugged off as fiction / evidence of eyes shrugged off as illusory.
    2) A squad denuded by the day of experience.
    3) The retained trump card of some outstanding youngsters will however only flourish or stay beyond next season if things go well. Concerning which see next.
    4) The need for strong promotion candidates to hit the ground running. Concerning which see next..
    5) The fact that within a mere 12 weeks from now we’ll be eight, mostly quite tough, matches into the season.
    How to get from where we are now to scenario #4. Without some prime-career players of Championship promotion standard, for example at full-back, mid-field and central attack who arrive in time to be integrated for those opening eight matches.
    Signs are awaited.

  3. It would be very odd if Hangeland was simply lying about the absence of defensive training sessions. It’s believable because our defending was so poor.

    Under Hodgson virtually all training was about keeping a defensive shape. Those were Hangeland’s peak years and since then it’s been a steady decline.

    Looking back Jol seems to have been a burned out man who’d lost both interest and the plot and in his place we urgently needed someone to do what Pulis did for Palace. Instead we got guys used to working at United and Chelsea whose experience was in preparing teams to take the game to the opposition, express themselves etc. No effort seems to have gone into tightening us up.

    Magath seems, not unreasonably albeit ineffectively, to have concentrated on effort, fitness and attitude and we know how that worked out of course

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