6 thoughts on “Northcroft on Ruiz

  1. I don’t know that I’d say they “embarrassed England” by playing a scoreless draw. They embarrassed Uruguay, on the other hand.

  2. couldnt disagree more, flattered to deceive had more than enough chances when in fact he was indulged too much. That said pairing both Ruiz and Berba was THE problem. Dropping him every now again then making him the focus would have brought the best out of him

  3. There have been suggestions that Fulham may now want to keep Ruiz and Mitroglou. Both have been slated during their time at the club. We know Ruiz’s shortcomings well enough, although the evidence is based mainly on games where he played in a less favoured position alongside men who clearly did not balance his strengths and weaknesses.

    In Mitroglou’s case the vitriol is probably aimed more at the club than the player for signing an injured man when we needed someone who could give an immediate impact. Should he stay and get fully fit whose to say he won’t make a useful contribution.

  4. A characteristic display from Bryan against Greece. Difficult to know how this would transfer to the Championship and the players who remain, with e.g. Woodrow to liaise with rather than Berba. Tiny clue might be how good he looked when taking the field for the final quarter at Leicester. (But we still lost).

    Academic since he was always likely to be permanently transferred this summer and the WC will have increased demand. Whereas in the case of Mitrologlou…….

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