Kvist on Magath?

I’m not sure of the source, but there’s an interesting line of tweets from a Danish poster on Twitter:

Martin Krag @martinkrag · 22m
“His professional capability and man management is on the lowest level I’ve ever experienced” – William Kvist on Felix Magath.

Martin Krag @martinkrag · 19m
Kvist on Magath: “We never knew what the plan was when we showed up for practice, who was in start XI, and didn’t train tactics before game”

Kvist: “My resistance grew day for day. If I haven’t had a contract I would’ve quit on the spot. No one deserves a coach like Magath”

Kvist: “At one time a teammate got to decide the content of the practice before an important game. Because it was his birthday” #Magath

20 thoughts on “Kvist on Magath?

  1. Remember the quotes about no defensive training last season? To the eye it seemed possible but you just couldn’t believe it possible that 3 managers wouldn’t work on it. It does (unfortunately) appear to be true. What a shambles last season was and we’ve still got Magath in charge.

    The interview is very damning.

  2. Magath didn’t rate Kvist – rightly or wrongly – and the comments need to be read through that prism.

    Magath didn’t earn success by being incompetent but he could be past his sell by date in which case he’ll be replaced by Xmas and we’ll start again with someone new.

    Completely out of our control and for now, until disabused. I’d rather look forward to all the good things next season has in store.

    1. I’ll add that Kvist is admitting to “resisting” Magath and notes that players had input in training albeit maybe only on their birthday.

      I think that Magath despaired at what he found and couldn’t find enough non rotten eggs to make his omelette.

      1. I don’t know if I subscribe to the ‘sour grapes’ theory. I mean, there must be something of that but equally Kvist wouldn’t be saying this if there was nothing to it. Even players who didn’t like Roy were positive about his training etc, but found some other things to criticise (e.g. too much running for forwards that took them away from the areas they wanted to work it, too repetitive training, etc). So there’s something here I’m sure. But as you suggest, Magath may very well have decided that he couldn’t make a nice cake if he didn’t have any eggs or flour, so why bother fannying around with the icing.

  3. The very fact that everyone seems to want out and especially reading John Arne Riise’s comments on leaving do add some weight to it. I think all of us knew that something wasn’t right last season. We had the players to stay up but they couldn’t or didn’t to play as a team. I don’t subscribe to the “he knew he couldn’t make it work” theory. Even if that were the case he would surely have tried to get those extra few points. It would have been easier for him to start again in the EPL than the Championship but I suspect he didn’t expect Sunderland or Palace to pick up as many points as they did.

    1. It’s easy to argue that Magath didn’t improve us but he only took over after the damage was done.

      We watched JAR for 3 years and all know that he was a shadow of the player he used to be throughout that period. That’s hardly Magath’s fault and suggests to me that Riise now talks a much better game than he plays.

      The players that want out are mostly wanted out by most supporters and are collectively the cause of our present situation.

      As to whether Magath is the solution only time will tell. I’m hopeful but wouldn’t bet on him succeeding but until he’s sacked he’s the guy we have to hope can put things right and retaining the core of last season’s “team” would not have been a good start.

  4. Even if we buy into the excuses suggested above, and even if we ignore the rest of the quotes, there is sufficient to alarm us in: “didn’t train tactics before game.” Hopefully that is either a lie, or the real Kvist never said it. Unfortunately, based on watching the matches, it’s not unbelieveable.

  5. There are different types of management. Magath has an autocratic style (usedin the military) whereas Fergi had a more Consultative style….. In the premieship where big names, big earners play they would probanly not welcome the autocratic style. In the Championship it’s a different ball game. For me with all these young players I think a Consultative style ( basically parenting the players) would work better, but, time will tell! Actually if you look at most football managers they are Consultative……sh@t have we got the wrong man!

  6. I’m a Magath supporter, still. I will admit he seems a divisive figure who has now been brought into a very divided club. It’s not the first time he’s been in this situation as the ever so supportive Daily Mail continually remind us. In a results-oriented business, until now, he’s got them. And he’s got them at the VERY highest levels, Bundesliga and DFB Pokal double at one of the biggest clubs in the world. I’ll be countered with “he was fired” however, they fired Jurgen Klinsmann, too, and lo, the same accusation. Bayern is a family club, they really don’t want anyone there who has not come up through the club. Louis van Gaal didn’t last, and Pep won’t last, either. Kvist is the latest, and they all seem to be, as has been said, players who are out-of-favor. Go figure.

  7. I’m on the fence leaning away from Magath. He didn’t really perform any better than Muelensteen who was a slight improvement over Jol, and one of his first orders of business was to ship out the youngsters who improved our play under Muelenstein… We’ll know within the first 10 games if he’s worth keeping or not. Personally, I wish we’d taken Clough when he was available. Or maybe now Bob Bradley. Hell, I’d even take Warnock!

  8. Since I have had a vino or two – there are a couple of ‘aspects’ of Magath’s man management last season that turned me off the guy

    Firstly, he seemed to manage to peripheralise Holtby (who IMO showed signs of being the best midfielder we have had since Dembele and potentially the type of player to kickstart our form) – including all those odd comments in the press about him not being a ‘fighter’ – man management? WTF?

    Also – when we lost he seemed so quick to blame the players ( ‘lack of fight’ being a favourite) – Surely he is being paid the big bucks to turn out a team of ‘fighters’ no? Have some ownership man!

    In my experience, a good manager will demonstrate improving performances culminating in improving form. I’m afraid just didn’t see it… At all..

  9. Rumor has it Ross McCormack is telling friends and family the FFC move is a done deal. Meanwhile, the club has laid off 29 employees. WTH!?

  10. Felix has one more year of contract to run. By October or so it should become evident if there is mutual relish to extend his contract. If not, it may make sense to cut the loss of 8 months’ salary and start afresh. I’d certainly expect the club to be entering the season with that possibility in mind.

    The new first team coach, Peter Grant, has worked at his most recent three clubs under Alex McLeish. McLeish has been spotted in attendance at Craven Cottage, probably for no other reason that that he likes watching football and he has a daughter who lives down the road. His extensive experience includes of The Championship and he is slightly unusual in being out of managerial work without having miserably/conclusively failed anywhere.

      1. So not all bad! In contradiction to your theory: he was widely quoted at the time as being massively disappointed at having lost out to us on Dembele. In support of your theory: he reportedly saw Mousa as a goal-threat. But didn’t everyone at that stage?. He also tried hard to land Zamora when Bobby’s troubles with Jol emerged.

        Not the manager of dreams, but we have had our share of nightmares, so if Felix should prove to be another….Safe pair of hands, stabiliser etc. They’d better have something up their sleeve just in case anyway!

      2. I’ll add one more straw in the wind. At the time that Mark Hughes failed to be considered for the Villa job, having walked out on Fulham, a contributing factor was reported to be the close friendship between our two clubs’ respective CEOs. Those two men are still (somehow!) in place. The Villa one (Faulkner) appointed McCleish in the face of the obvious downside of his coming from Birmingham City, so obviously rated him. His successor as manager has done no better.

        Enough already…..a rip-roaring start to the season, energised and unified by Felix, will render speculation irrelevant. Contingency plans that never existed outside overactive imaginations will never kick in.

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