2 thoughts on “Educating the Costa Ricans

  1. Education = “smarter”. A conflation too far — particularly as relates to football intelligence. Philippe Senderos speaks how many languages?

    That said, they had clearly listened to instructions and were wonderfully prepared. The Fulham team that emerged from Donetsk with a draw comes to mind. The respective managers surely have much in common.

    Having a small population with only a limited talent pool may assist in developing a settled team with collective understanding. As a nation with a large population and only a limited talent pool, we are on our way to sharing that advantage.

    Well done `los ticos’. At least Bryan wasn’t the only one who missed — and we’ll be getting more money for him now.

    1. yeah, I was just messing around (Brazil would be a half-decent counter argument wouldn’t they?). I love what they did this tournament and wasn’t surprised when Bryan missed. He doesn’t quite seem to have the icy veins you might want for penalties.

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