Shootout wobbles

Saturday’s game reminded me of something I learned researching the Roy book.

Hodgson’s Inter got to the 1997 UEFA Cup Final, where they played Schalke 04 of Germany.

The Schalke coach, Huub Stevens, had an inkling that the game might go to penalties so put together a database of Inter players’ tendencies from 12 yards.   He gave this to his keeper, Jens Lehman, and of course the match did finish level (over two legs) and did go to penalties.

I would urge you all to quickly watch the clip below as it’s one of the clearest cases of a player being spooked you’ll ever see.  Lehman goes to Aron Winter (contrast the body language of the two players!) and apparently tells him he knows where the kick’s going. Winter, who looks like he’s seen a ghost, gently slides the ball wide.

Also worth your time is this from Twitter, suggesting that Tim Krul may have got into the heads of the Costa Rica players in ways we couldn’t have imagined.

3 thoughts on “Shootout wobbles

  1. Did you notice who scored the winning penalty for Shalke ? I bet he wished his team had made it to a shoot out this weekend instead of being goal shy !

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