Thoughts on a world cup final

If we do get a Germany v Netherlands final I’ll be pleased.

Some time ago I was researching the history of the sweeper and watched a lot of games from the sport’s past. One player I was particularly interested in was Franz Beckenbauer, so I made a point of digging out quite a few games he played in.

Beckenbauer, as we all know, was West Germany’s star player and icon, but he also ran Bayern Munich’s all conquering side from the early 70s. That team won the European Cup in 73-74 and 74-75, and the Bundesliga from 71-74.

Now, since then the Holland team has ascended into football’s pantheon on the back of the neat “total football” branding thing (also they were really good) but it’s almost as if the West Germany team of the time was just incidental to the game and played spoilsports to the Dutch masters, denying Cruyff et al the title their talents deserved. This is not the case at all: the West Germans, leaning heavily on that Bayern Munich side, was absolutely brilliant. I’ve watched a few games from the era and they had it all, a complete (and very attractive) football team. So yes, the Dutch missed the boat there and hasn’t won the World Cup since, but that West German side was red hot.

And if Holland don’t win we get a replay of the 1986 final, in which Argentina went 2-0 up, West Germany clawed back to 2-2, then Argentina nicked a winner. Another fine game.

So everyone’s a winner. Football’s so much more potent when it has a historical anchor. We’ve got that now.

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