Welcome Tim Hoogland

thWell, Clarice – have the lambs stopped screaming?

I meant to do so much more introducing the new season, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions, isn’t it?

Next we’re going to look at Tim Hoogland.

First, the above is an open goal: you can’t have a song about Hoobland and not use it when you have a player called Hoogland. You just can’t. Football supporters are football supporters, and of course he’ll either get Hangeland’s thing or a variation Moritz Volz, who, lest we forget, came from Germany and ****ing hated Chelsea. Never let it be said that alternatives weren’t suggested.

Hoobland/Hoogland. Honestly.

But what about on the field of play?

Tim seems to have spent a lot of time not being on the field of play, if we’re honest. He ‘broke in’ at FSV Mainz 05, playing 84 games over three seasons. The first two were in the second level of the Bundesliga, the third in the Bundesliga itself (is that right? Or is it still the Bundesliga 1?). Here he was mainly used in right midfield, but had a meniscus injury that ended his season about halfway through. That was it for him at Mainz.

In 2010-11 he was at Schalke I think but didn’t play. In 2011-12 he did play, coming on as a sub twice. In 2012-13 he was loaned to Stuttgart and didn’t play there either. In 2013-14 he was back at Schalke and was reinvented as a right back. Here he played most of the second half of the season and the team did really well. So that’s what aroused Fulham’s interest, I imagine.

What does it all amount to? A midfielder who got injured and then struggled to find his way in the game, who then turned into a right back and seems to have done quite well.

On this basis it’s hard to know what to think, but it sounds half positive, especially given the levels we’re talking about here: successful in Bundesliga -> fine in the Championship, no?

5 thoughts on “Welcome Tim Hoogland

  1. The pessimistic view is that it’s a throwback to Bonnissel, Grygera, Djetou, Diarra and others.

    Bring in a player with serious fitness issues that is only willing to sign because better options have been scared off and wait for the inevitable breakdown sooner rather than later.

    Thankfully he doesn’t seem typical of our signings.

    1. Well it was a meniscus injury and i think these things are either working or not working. So hopefully that’s not an issue.

      Grygera… losing him may have been the beginning of the end in retrospect. Twice the player Riether was.

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