4 thoughts on “Kit Symons has big plans

  1. Indeed. The communication from the club has changed completely, you can just feel it. There must have been a lot of people putting up with hell a lot of stress and angst there. Upwards and Onwards. What a bizarre period in Fulham’s history we have witnessed.

  2. The Fulham faithful need to give Kit and the team time and not to expect the turnaround immediately. Macintosh and Magath decimated the squad, killed the belief and I hope the youngsters have not had all their confidence hit for six amongst the carnage he’s left behind. In forty five years of following the whites the Magath era has been the one that hurts the most.
    Believe in Kit and the kids, get behind them and lets get back where we belong.

    1. Yes, implicit in his using the word “enjoyment” is that there had been none recently. And I think that point is also emphasised in yesterday’s training photos where everyone was all smiles. Don’t think the Austria training ones showed that. I read that as open an admission as can be expected that things really were not right (behind the scenes, ie ignoring results). (We know that, but we don’t really expect the club to admit it.)

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